Rav Doniel Katz


In the Northern Galilee, Israel, nestled between citrus trees & the Golan Mountains.


Testimonials from Elevate Shabbos Jan 2019


B”H I know that being here amongst these holy women really helped me to be vulnerable, to find my voice. H’ revealed amazing truths while I was here. He revealed that if I am able to release my self from the things I’m working on, it will affect my children. I feel I gained the tools here to have Yishuv HaDaat, Dveikus, and I feel that my neshama has come home to embrace Shabbat. It has been the missing piece of the puzzle. It’s just the beginning. The sky’s the limit.

DL, Israel

I feel like Im in such a state of complete expansion and connection with all of the women here. I can’t never NOT believe in myself again. This has been beyond a collective vision. Rav Katz kept expanding the vision. I never have been in a group where we started in a place where we were already elevated. There was no resistence here. The flow of connection has been so beautiful. I can’t wait for the next one.

LM, Ramat Beit Shemesh

I was in the elevation mastery class and then this retreat came along. I wanted to connect and to heal shabbos. I didn’t know I had been always waiting for shabbos to end. I didn’t know i was going to have breakthoughs and would be crying - for joy. And I realized sometime before Seuda Shlishit that, “this isn’t a shabbos that I’m waiting to end!’

LR Jerusalem

I came from a place of darkness of not really experiencing Shabbos the way my soul yearned to experience it. I knew there was more but didn’t know how to access it. This shabbaton has exceeded my expectations on all levels. Its mind-boggling how beautiful each and every person who was here.

On Shabbos, Rav Katz had us staring into our partner’s eyes for an extended period of time. I didn’t know my partner, but I felt very comfortable staring into her eyes. I saw the world in her blue eyes. I saw the ocean, then I saw HKB”H and then I didn’t see her anymore. Then the Divekus walk in the garden… It was the first time I felt true wholesomeness and Oneness.

Rochel, New York

I just knew I had to be here. I love shabbos. It literally fills my soul every week. I always felt this way. And then I came here and learned that my shabbos experience has been raised about 10 levels! I saw that shabbos is all about deepening our experience of Unity with H’. It has been really powerful and huge for me.

When we were gazing into each others eyes, I was nervous, but I kept telling myself “You’re safe, you’re safe…” I realized “why would i be afraid of another person if they’re meant to shine the light of H-shem. How could I be afraid of H’s light that’s filling everything and everybody?” A beautiful moment of clarity. I’m grateful because its the perfect thing I needed. I thank everyone for being so loving and kind and nurturing.

R, Jerusalem

The first exercise at the retreat was “What are your blocks?” This seminar gave me more clarity. Before i just thought, “Im Suffering I’m Suffering…”

Liba encouraged me to listen. I got clarity the next day. I wrote down the 3 intentions for being here. The first one was I wanted to be with these neshamas. Now that I know what has transpired and it has meant so much to me. I have this vision of connecting to the people here. I’m so grateful for who you are and doing the work together… because what has emerged has been a beyond experience of love, exceptance, and encouragement. I feel like we all plugged into a relationship has started somewhere else. Because the way people have related to me and I’ve related to others is not like the first time meeting. I so deeply appreciate the experience you’ve given me because it has been safe. It has been warm. And I think I’m going to open up more. The bond of the women here, and every comment people have given me here has been so enriching and nurturing and healing. It’s been a real gift.

All of the sessions we had went to the exact place they were supposed to go to.

Sarah, South Africa

I couldn’t imagine landing in a better place with better people. I feel strong now that I can do this work and I can continue and I can ask H-shems help for everything. I think this is the second most gevaldig emotional shabbat I’ve ever had. The first one being the first one I ever kept. That’s’ the depth of how I felt here. I didn’t know that was still possible.

Sarah, Israel

Ive tried so many things to fix me but I felt I was not making any progress. But this time, I felt something open up finally. I feel like when I did hitbodedut, I felt a big steel door, locked with chains. I felt so devastated. But I kept talking. And finally, at one point on Shabbos morning, I suddenly saw myself in front of the door and a tzadik came and gave me a key to the lock. This is something big for me. And its all because of the amazing women - holy souls – who were here who have opened their souls in a sharing, encouraging way. I feel like we are a giant sisterhood here. I’m so grateful for everyone - just loving and accepting and opening and for Rav Katz and his family for making this possible.

B, Beersheva

I’ve been doing lots of things for lots of years. I feel like something opened here and I’m very grateful. I’m grateful for Liba. I appreciated everything here - the cooking and even the bed.

JL, Jerusalem

I was feeling the ego when I came here. When my husband died I went into the dark. I know that’s why i came because I needed being with all of the people here. Its clear to me, we can’t do this work alone. The listening and sharing has opened this up for me. We sang together… the harmonies we created have spontaneously opened me up. It has healed me from my grief and feel like I am moving on. I risked opening up and really feel Rav Katz has created a very special space of safety and trust.

-CS, Efrat

I had no one to talk to. Here I could be myself. We can talk about our relationship with H’. It was a good knock to my spiritual spine.

M, Israel

Magic happened. It’s not over because we know there’s a light, a gift, a tribe. We have experienced tremendous pure vision, BShem Shamayim. Really true authentic emunah the whole time, with beautiful clear intent and audience. We are truly blessed.

RK, Jerusalem