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Ani Le'dodi V'dodi Li
What a perfect time to refocus on the foundation of our avodas Hashem - our marriage!

This project has the full support of Rav Zev Leff and Rav Yitzchak Breitowitz.

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Excellent. Life changing.  I want every woman to have access to your course!  I believe it is MANDATORY for ALL MARRIED WOMEN! 
I want to help you get this information out to as many married women as possible. In my humble opinion, you give it over PERFECTLY! with just the right amount of directness, but with tzniut, and sprinkled with a perfect amount of humor and lightness in all of the right places. And boundaries where necessary.
You have been blessed! And I can feel you have put your heart and soul into preparing this material. I'm sure it took a huge amount of time!  I wish I knew this 33 years ago!   I feel like the things we are learning are changing my feelings and our marriage.  


First of all things have gotten a lot better in our bedroom so a big thank you! i bought two items and i figured i would share it with you in the hopes that other women will try it out and enjoy as well. i bought this from the veahavtam website. 
it is a candle that you light. after 10-15 minutes you can use the wax as massage oil. so what you do it pour directly from the candle on the skin and massage on the body. it is hot at first and feels great. the wax is made up of oils that you can use for massage. highly recommend. 
When my oldest was a baby, I went to a sholam bayis shiur by Mrs Levitt. It was so inspirational and life transforming that when I saw an add that Mrs Levitt was coming back to RBS I jumped at the chance to hear her again. And how happy I am! In the 5 weeks that I've been going I have grown so much and become so much more open and real with my husband. I've learned how to communicate and tell him my needs. I've learned how important intimacy is, and how I need it- not just HIM. I've learned to coach him and what is meaningful, and for the first time in almost 18 years I've been comfortable discussing intimacy with him. We are both so grateful. Thank you

Really, Mrs Levitt, everything I've written is true and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I am in awe how tzanua and clear you are. I'm learning new bits of info and it's certainly been mechazek just how vital this topic is and important to work on   I was impressed on the tsniusdik way you put over your wonderful talk!! Gila Levitt’s course on intimacy has changed my marriage after 33 years.  It has brought our intimate life to a whole new level. She presents the information in a beautiful, kadosh way.  She uses torah sources and gives many practical exercises.   I especially enjoyed “the hug” and have found the EFT exercise helpful.   This course is invaluable for married women of any age. That was one of the most beautiful shiurim I have ever heard. And I have heard a lot of shiurim. And I have heard all those maamarei chazals already,
But I never heard them articulated so beautifully and brought to life with such emotion (yes, the crying definitely helped!)and in such an inspiring way.

WOE! WOW! WOW! The class today was AMAZING (They always are of course!)  It was so moving and beautiful and inspiring! If you ever have a bus ride without a   "מלווה" And you wouldn’t mind company, Please let me know; I would love to drink more From  your fountain of kedusha… And help spread it around the world….. This series for me, was like discovering a gold mine….. And I have been blessed with lots of great teachers throughout my life, bH but each person has their “gift”, their style,  and their angle of the diamond - to offer, and I am so grateful to Hashem that I “happened” to notice the ad for the initial shiur (even though I don’t usually even pick up these weekly’s…) "It's not just that my marriage changed, it's that I have changed.  Growing up in a somewhat modern orthodox home, I was exposed to soap operas, movies and television, which poisoned my mind with incorrect hashkafas of intimate relations. When we got married, I had to make a sudden and dramatic shift to build a Torah home, and I couldn't get rid of all the explicit exposure I had as a kid.  After taking this class, I was able to undo so much damage of my childhood.  I re-framed this very personal journey according to Torah hashkafas, and am proud to be an akeres habayis. I also learned how to communicate with my husband so we can best fulfill this mitzvah. This of course, changed my outlook on chayei ishus and has made me open to emulate my fore-mothers in building a home steeped in kedushah, and in an authentic connection of oneness to my husband." 'This class will enrich and enhance every women wherever you are in your marital journey. Gila has a down to earth, open and warm style in giving over  the subject of Jewish marriage and intimacy. Each class was full with new concepts and ideas that by the end I did not want the series to come to an end and wanted Gila to teach us more of her incredible wisdom and insight. Thank you Gila, I truly loved this class

'Wow! Wow! Wow! no Words!!!I was one of the very avid listeners to you Ohel Miriam 3-part Mini series and I even got all my friends and family to join to... what can I say??? We were absolutely FLOORED!!!! We are all drooooling with invigoration and hisorerus, and absorbed every syllable you uttered!! oh, how we wished it would continue on for another 3 hours non-stop!

I am married for 5 years, with a strong connection and passion for this holy mitzva. I feel that it is still too much of a"taboo" topic and find that my friends are walking around with many uncertainties and unanswered questions. I am the one that suggested to Mrs. Chany sharf from Boro Park to open her "Holy Woman Closet" and we brainstormed the ideas together..... and still do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


One of the biggest reasons for frustration is the
Differences between men and women
In their intimate experience.
These differences can cause lowered desire,
Helplessness and distress
That sometimes
Accompanies us throughout the day.
One of these differences
Is expressed in how often each one desires the other.
Now in every area of life, most couples are not quite
On the same page.
He wants more relationship with the extended family-
She wants less to do with them.
He deeply wants to save money-
She is less interested.
He seeks order orderliness and organization-
And she feels that it cramps her style!
So a difference in level of desire
Is not a sign of anything problematic.
Studies show, that in 60% of couples
The man wants more intimacy than his wife
But that also means
That in 40% of the couples,
The woman wants more physical intimacy than her husband!
Who do you think has more control over the situation?
The partner who is more interested or the
One who wants less?
The one who wants less is actually
Controlling the situation more.
And the more desirous one
Is left frustrated.
S/he thinks about it, looks for it
Dreams about it
Tries to figure out ways to increase the desire of the other-
Usually with not too much success.
Since the more common situation
Is when the man is more interested in intimacy..
Lets examine it a little bit and
Learn about the differences between us.
We can compare the intimate experience for men and women by
Comparing fire and water..
The man is compared to fire-
Easily ignited,
Easily extinquished.
The woman is like water
Which takes awhile to bring to boiling temperature
But the heat remains for some time even after the fire is off.
Lets begin:
Your starting points are different!
He starts at "0"
and you begin at minus..
Male energy is focused on the goal
Female energy enjoys the process
Male energy is physically charged
Female energy is nutured emotionally.
How are we to bridge these differences?

The challenge of your husband
Is to elevate intimacy
From the physical to the heart
To the source of emotion.
He will wait, together with you,
For your water to begin to boil.
Direct him to listen to your emotional needs
To pay attention to your pace,
To respect your boundaries
To awaken
The hidden passion with in you..
This is his Torah obligation…
And your challenge
Is to
Dilute your powerful emotions
To concentrate
On your physical side-yes...
To light up YOUR hidden passion
This is the direction of the Rambam to women:
מהלבת בתאוות לבו
Go in the physical desires of his heart
To awaken your own level of desire!
Hashem, in His Kindness and Goodness,
Bestowed to every woman
Places of desire on her body and the most imprtant one is.
Ignite your passion in
Your head-
With a decision
To be focused, present
Maybe light some aromatic candles
Listen to nice music
Eat food which energizes you
Wear clothes that make you feel soft and feminine
Connect to your senses
When the senses are stimulated
Your energy is awakened and
You will discover your natural desire
Yes, it takes both of you
Dedicated to each other
And to your ONENESS
To bridge the differences.
Another time
we will talk about "How to Refuse"
for those times
when it's just not going to work..
Wishing you soul satisfying oneness
In love and friendship