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Sept 8- Sept 29, 2019 | 18 Elul - 29 Elul 5779

The last 12 days of Elul are parallel to the 12 months & the 12 tribes.

This is an opportunity for us to review, cultivate and harmonize these 12 inner kochot (special parts) of our soul in preparation for Rosh Hashanah.

Each day, Nechama Sarah Burgeman will lead a meditation on the appropriate aiver / part of the body and cultivate its spiritual function. In this way, we will be prepared with our whole being for the coming year Be”H.

The course is live every day for 12 days and free of charge.

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Explore, Cultivate & Harmonize the 12 Tribes Within!

1 Tishrei-Ephraim-Lamed-Truth

New beginnings!   Ephraim, the son of Yoseph is the diplomat within.  How do we live our truth while making space for others? Peace expresses the ultimate truth.

2 Cheshvon-Nun-Yosef/Menashe-love

Honoring inner and outer conflict allows us to forgive and love.  Yosef was able to forgive his brothers for selling him to slavery.  He merited to build a family, attain leadership and save his entire family from the famine.

3 Kislev-Benyamin- Samech-eternity

Time to purify our visions with the lights of Chanukah.  Are they fulfilling ego desires or are they merging with the eternal vision of Redemption for all of Creation?

4 Teves-Dan-Ayin-wisdom

How can we bring the ultimate eternal vision of Redemption for the entire world into our reality now?  With wisdom we build vessels to contain Your light.

5 Shevat-Asher-Tzaddik-spiritual pleasure

How can we nourish ourselves the best way possible?  Now, like the tzaddikim all of our orfices; eyes, ears, nose and mouth are guarded.  We absorb only that which nurtures our eternal visions.

6 Adar-Naftali-Kuf-Will

When all is said and done Your Will is the deciding factor.  Like the deer of Naftali I gracefully submit to what is, in spite of all of my efforts.  This is a key to true happiness.

7 Nissan-Yehuda-Hei- Faith

With total faith I wear the royal crown. I put my right foot forward and with the roar of a lioness I hear my soul speak its purpose for being in this world. With courage I walk through life with authenticity. 

8 Iyar-Yissachar-Vav-Understanding

Listening within, I clarify the discrepancy between who I am now and my greatest potential. I absorb the light of my crown throughout my entire being.   I reclaim full dimensionality now, in this lifetime.

9 Sivan-Zevulun-Zayin-Sincerity

This month we receive the Torah; the choreography of the dance of life.   I discover the exhilirating cosmic rythmn of Your law; a Divine gift of love for the sake of my true freedom. 

 10 Tammuz-Reuven-Chet-Awe

I’ve stumbled down this path before and I don’t want to repeat this pattern.  This month you give me the insight and strength to make a better choice. This time I will live the truth of my Divine soul.

11 Av-Shimon-Tes-Humility

With humility  I listen to the inner voices of my immaturity.  I tolerate the cacophony, trusting that the unique melody of my soul will be revealed.  I am ready to rebuild whatever I have destroyed.

12 Elul-Gad Yud-mercy

 I re-gather the sparks of my soul that I lost in messy interactions.  Gad within reclaims my borders as I ask for forgiveness and forgive. When we are merciful we are judged with mercy.



Tishrei EphraimLamedTruth

New beginnings! Ephraim, the son of Yoseph is the diplomat within. How do we live our truth while making space for others? Peace expresses
the ultimate truth.


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