Tackling Life’s Tasks
Daily Chasidic Teachings & Glimpses into Our Inner Life

Adapted from Sefer HaYom Yom by Miriam Yerushalmi

The word “Yom” [Day] is the code word for the Revelation of Spiritual Light & for the Era of Moshiach. These 2 concepts go hand-in-hand. By learning “HAYOM YOM” daily in this group we will live our life with zest and enthusiasm. By deciding to live with inspiration and to cease wearily pushing our way through days that might be spiritually dull, we create a microcosm of the geula TODAY.


2 Elul / HAYOM YOM

Pages 434-435
Un-Earth your treasures!Human beings are multi leveled. Beneath the surface of a personality lies an entirely different tier of consciousness-Everyone of us has treasures worthy of being revealed!Dig, dig and dig again and help others dig to bring out these treasures to the surface.You cannot complacently accept your superficial situation as it appears to be, don’t settle for mediocrity on earth!Reveal your treasures!
Decide to stand erect and breathe deeply and pump out your entire expanded capacity of your soul!
Pump energy and vitality through your entire system. Tap into the most deepest Potent You!



3 Elul / HaYom Yom

Adapted from Sefer HaYom Yom by Miriam Yerushalmi

A person who believes in Divine Providence knows “the steps of man are made firm by God”.
A person will be drawn to a particular place because they are sent there to refine and perfect something there. For hundreds of years, or even from the very beginning of creation, the object has been waiting for some soul to come to do the task of redeeming it.Imagine that - the object literally feels that it is intended to be redeemed!The Bal Shem Tov teaches us that when a person experiences hunger or thirst, that this is only an external reflection of the subliminal hunger and thirst within. The hunger of one’s stomach is what one may be conscious about, but in reality it is one’s soul that is languishing within; the soul is yearning to refine and elevate the sparks of Gdliness that are embedded within the food and drink before them.As the Rebbe Rashab states in Kuntres Umayan that one may be bereft of other essential sparks like the sparks of prayer, learning or charity and good deeds and thus the pull toward the sparks of food occur and over indulgence begins!As one increases these other holy endeavors and become satiated by those holy sparks, the person will be less drawn to the sparks found in food or any substance.No need to go on a diet just add Spiritual Sparks from Holy endeavors and you literally will be more satiated!Ready to elevate and refine those Gdly Sparks of your share (and only your share) of the world!