Chanukah Meditation

Nechama Sarah Burgeman12-6-18

We are receiving

the teachings of the Torah

that have been brought down by the men,

and we are now bringing

the feminine development

to the teachings

much like how the man

brings the grain to the wife

and she makes it into bread.

The hidden light is within us,

and we are getting more and more

in touch with this light

and bringing it out.

Through our lives

we support and strengthen each other

to trust our feelings

and find our unique expression

and voice.

The goal of the world is

making Yichudim


Gathering ourselves and do

This tikkun

Yichudim give birth to new light

What is the whole idea of yichudim

In the writing of the Ariz”l?

There are 4 partzufim

Rachel / Yakov

Leah / Yakov

Rochel / Israel

Leah / Israel

Yakov & Israel one man

Rochel and Leah 2 women

Integrate Rochel and Leah consciousness

All 4 yichudim


This year Taf-shin-ayin-tet

Is the same gematria of

Rachel & Yisrael!

This is the highest yichud

Rachel= Dibbur

Yisrael=Talumot Halev

This is what moshiach is all about

- Rav Ginsburg

We are a very deep people

Every day of this year

We can receive the shefa

Of this yichud

the most intimate


Real merging

Connected to the awareness

that we are all ONE


We are all sourced in Adam and Chava

We are different variations of the shekhina

We have this extra phenomena of this higher world to connect

This yichud occurs on a very high level

Ohr HaGanuz

Having Chanukah in this year

Is a double bracha

To go back to clarity

Kislev is the month of visions

The inner life of Leah

Constantly going up to the source and back down

Before the tzimtzum

Connected with the light of the

SAMECH (circular shape)

Her goal to to know H’

That is why she had to

go through the pain

The part of us were we

Go through a challenge

The marriage on

Thorugh her story

Became a life giver

Its not about me

Its about going beyond

Ohr Makiv

Levels of learning

We haven’t grasped


H’ is involved in every detail

Prepare to receive

The light of Chanukah

Become transparent!

To be real with ourselves


When a person speaks truth

The world stands still

When you come to truth

You stop the world

Not a false relationship

Complete stillness

Matan Torah

When you hear something true,

everything stops

Miracles we are receiving on chanuka

To consciously connect to the Klal neshama

The large intestines


A beam of light

Watch it going up the right side

Over our cross section

And down the left side

Be in the being

Then we can be receptacle

For receiving light

Being presient

With what IS

Being with reality

The oil represents da’as

Imagination rectified

To pure da’as

Higher consciousness

Everything in the past is

Hashagacha pratis

Embrace H’s love

Prepare fore the intimacy

With HKB”H

Visualize the chanukia

In our womb



Ezer knegdo

Helping him to become


In the right way

State her needs

In a soft voice

A man needs to give

For his tachlis

The giving is the yichud

And to know

that’s what he wants



Permission to go

where H’ is calling me

Malchut needs

to receive higher light

Woman needs to know

what she needs

an d how to ask

and to receive

B’kol rach / in a quiet voice

Man needs to give

Yochudim bring shefa brochos

to the home, kids

and to the whole world

Man can’t feel rejected

In the work world


The femininity

Bring out your femininity

Men need to feel they are with a woman

if ego creates blockages

keep working on communication

Let go of old visions,

Connecting to true correct vision

The Chanuka light

The Geula woman

is about integrating the 4 imahot

Rachel and leah

Bilha and zilpa


The Ultimate humility

There are times to yield

Being non-reactive


Allows the other person

To hear his own words

Perfect emunah

Perfection expressed by

vulnerability in

The Desire to have a relationship

The Need to have a relationship


May we continue to rise the mystical clouds together throughout Chanuka where ever we are basking in the Ohr ha Ganuz!