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Listen to
Devorah Hadassa’s
Elul Meditation:

BS”D 23 ELUL 5779

To Devorah Hadassa:

Give yourself permission
to let others give
to dear Maayan
when she cannot be left alone for a minute
and everything must be just so.

The Boreh HaOlam, creator of our neshama,
Creator of our miraculous body
each “minor” detail
an expression of its own extraordinary significance

ie. miniscule tear ducts
if becomes obstructed
the eye does not lubricate and becomes dry, chas vshalom
Please H’ allow our tears to flow!
This last week of Elul
*Who is not crying for our precious Maayan?*

And while we are crying,
lets take a moment
to be grateful for those tiny openings
for if they get blocked
we are deprived of ability to shed a tear

The tears are a gift
opening the flow of water,
the core element of our body
releasing the Shechina in Exile
from within our inner Mishkan
healing our selves and each other

This cleansing tear,
swelling from this tiny duct
is a wellspring / a maayan - of bracha
Opening the Gates
for Closeness with H’

on the tears of brokenness
we recognize the
Ratza vshav rhythm of life
in the waves
in our (feminine) body
in our relationship to H’
in our relationship to self
in relationship to others.
Even in the bowing of the Avoda on Yom Kippur

We give/ratza and take/shav
but if we give, and are unwilling to make space to take
our eyes and ears and whole being is obstructed
we are not creating a channel
to hold the blessing
of the giver / Giver
It is a lost opportunity
of connection and a true loving relationship

Relax the constricted areas of our soul
trying to control, manage, regulate, constrain
Release and give it over to H’
Creating the space
for H’ the creator of everything,
to enter

H’ created a miraculous covering to the eyes
called the epithelium, protecting the cornea,
resisting bacteria and the free flow of fluids from tears,
The entire epithelium is regenerates every 7-10 days.
H’ is constantly creating this protective shield for our eyes!

H’ is constantly creating a protective shield for us
Therefore may we relinquish control - especially of our children
Take this heavy, discomforting feeling
And run with it
give it over to H’
With trust.

We strive to be givers
because we want to be G-dly
we run to give
but we have to give others the chance to shav / return
this opens the gates of bracha

Elul is a bridge in time
of harvesting and planting
dual conflicting emotions
H’ gives us the ability to hold this duality
sof maasa - the end of one year,
of recounting our achievements and weaknesses
bmachshava techilla - the beginning of the next year;
planting the seeds of divine ratzon for the future

H’ Hu HaMelech
May our divine ratzon be awakened
with simplicity, humility and boldness
defining our selves
as true ovdei H’
joining together
flowing in the rhythm
of ratzo vshav

knowing the right time
for giving
knowing the right time
for taking
to reveal H’s light and
create a vessel to contain the light
and His rachamim gedolim

In the zchus of the Refua Sheleima of Maayan bas Devorah Hadassa