Nechama Sarah Burgeman

Summer Tour 2019

The waters below are yearning to rise up and merge with the heavenly waters above! This time lets delve into the Well’s and holy waters of Miriam, becoming more fluid humble light beings/vessels for the Torah to more freely flow into this amazing eartly dimension!!! -Rachel Leah

It was truly the manifestation of a vision, a dream, something from my imagination that became reality..Admittedly, I am moved to dance in our backyard sometimes—striving to maintain awareness of my body enclothing my soul and being a transmitter and receiver of light/energy/kedushas..but Nechama Sarah’s teaching, guidance, harp music—which is part of my vision, and Rochel and each of you added such depth and thank you all:heart_eyes:
An observation.about the midah of Gevurah—each movement is done through the ability of Gevurah to limit, contain, channel, focus, direct G-d’s limitless flow of light and energy.
Also, in relationships, it is the power that limits a flow of love in order to allow space for another to exist..the inner soul quality is fear, awe..which allows appreciation, honor, respect of another’s being. -TCR

The word “Amazing” is so overused today. Too bad it isn’t saved to describe the Pomona workshop which was, actually, AMAZING, wonderful and more… the The venue and atmosphere were so conducive to immersion in each of the learning experiences. Doing the work of the land, shvatim etc outside then moving in through the nourishing meal to the work of the home, Shalom Bayis. Something unique. Thank you Nechama Sara, Tzivia Chaya, Rochel for making it possible. Thank you sister who traveled in to learn and share! -RL


Channel Your Light Chanukah Tour
Nov-Dec 2018

Nechama Sarah Gila Burgeman: I am so thankful for all of your wonderful feedback. I want to express my heartfelt gratitude to everyone who participated In the seminars during the last 8 days. I truly felt embraced and nourished by the Samech of the shechinah  formed by being surrounded and lovingly embraced by your beautiful souls. You are all such an inspiration for me to continue my work and value my purpose. I could not have dreamed of a more precious Chanukah gift. May Hashem bless you with true vision this Chanukah to help you to love yourselves more deeply and value your life missions -pursuing them with passion.

I urge everyone to take a few minutes every day and try to connect with the kislev  meditation opening up our consciousness to the messages Hashem sends us through the lower feminine waters matin nukva


 Thank you Nechama Sarah and everyone for sharing. I feel much more connected and happy, and Chanukah feels much deeper. May Hashem bless you all with your hearts desire, to feel the oneness and peace, growing and blossoming  -Miriam Shaw


Last night with Nechama Sarah Burgeman was so amazing and beautiful. Her teaching was gounding and her harp music was uplifting. The energy that we shared amongst the women was so invigorating. She told us something I would like to strengthen ....We are moving into the month of Teves, the tribe of Dan, the symbol the snake...

 The snake does not have a mate in this world. Nechama Sarah related this to each of us having our own personal vision that we have to pursue. Our own G-dly individuality that we need to accomplish in this world. The snake doesn‚Äôt go on a straight path. It slithers back and forth. It winds in a feminine way. Like a woman’s very physicality- the way she walks - hip to hip. She is able to affect things in a very embracing and gentle persistent manner.

We have to know that we have our own personal vision to pursue. We have to strengthen that vision and trust ourselves.
We need to encourage each other to get in touch with our inner voice as we continue to learn the true Torah so we will be able to distinguish what is really true of that inner voice and bring it out and forward.
Trust your self and your vision and share it with each other. May we all go upward, closer to H’, with our individual and collective visions of Am Yisrael.

-M. S 


Thank You so much Nechama Sara and thank you for invigorating my soul!!!Sharing the audio vision that I received after Yesterday’s workshop!!

- Rachel leah Ismaili, Passaic 2018


This was my first experience of being in a seminar with you Nechama Sarah.

I was thinking I’m coming to spend a beautiful day in Passaic with you........

But very quickly I no longer was in Passaic. As each one of us began to light the wicks floating  in a beautiful bowl filled with oil and as soon as your inspiring soft spoken words touched my heart and the notes you played on your harp gently filled the room with peace and serenity, my soul too was floating. That allowed me to surrender so deeply to join you in nothing else but this very moment of now.  I realized that I was slowly loosening my strong grip on both the painful and difficult realities of the past and on the fears and anxieties for all the tomorrows that are yet to come.

And as you humbly led me into the vision of the beautifully painted Garden of Eden, I found myself touching this other infinite dimension of myself. So deeply moving, I felt like a bird and with the wings of my soul I allowed myself to soar into this uplifting experience of before time.

I found myself in this holy and lofty dimension embraced by light, hope, unity and love.

But I wasn’t there alone sitting and basking in this warm embrace and de-light. I was together with you and all my dear sisters. Sharing this very special moment together and experiencing the warmth and love of everybody‚ splendid lights shining so bright.

But this journey on Wednesday morning took my soul into places I have never known I could enter.

I found entry and domain into new realities, new depths and perspective. Places so filled with light, opportunities and freedom.

I found myself connected to the internal journeys, struggles of our Imahot.

All of us are traveling on all kinds of journeys, never alone, always with God holding our hands. But now Nechama Sarah you brought me the consciousness that all that our Imahot accomplished and overcame in their life, lives in each one of us. If we can just tap into their amazing energy we can become uplifted, inspired and bring so much more healing into our life and the world.

 Thank you so much for the most awesome trip into infinity and at the same time into the truth of reality.

 PS: Already today, I paired up with a woman to learn and go through one of your books.

May God give you strength and bracha to be able to continue in this holy work and ImYH‚ we should all be Zoiche to very soon greet Moshiach Zidkeinu.

 -R. Passaic workshop.


 The Greek helmets invade my sanctuary. They try to separate me from my beloved. All the sanctimonious excuses in the world for disunity; all the pettiness derived from binary logic, will never extinguish my candles. While the Greeks or their students make people self indulgent and egotistical, true sisters look out for each other and notice what is deeper than their own personal context.



I close my eyes.
I hear the harp in the background, her fingers nimbly plucking it‚Äôs strings. A heartfelt niggun being played. I feel her  intense tefillah in the song.

As she gently guides us to be open for a vision.
Her voice is gentle, yet beckons. 
She’s saying it‚Äôs Chanukah time, picture a menorah...

 ...A shining crown appears before me, i gingerly put it on. I step into my role as queen in my home.
It morphs into the crown atop the bet hamikdash, as i sail inside and get a glimpse at the golden menorah being kindled.
Im further transported to har Sinai. All of am Yisroel in unity wearing crowns of naaseh and nishma on thier heads.

It turns into a tefillah as my husband and each of my precious children form a line in front of me. Each gets handed a crown .
I pray. Please Hashem,
They should be a ben or bat melech, reach their full potential and make You proud.

The music slowly comes to a stop.  

-S Crown Hts Melava Malka:


 Nechama Sarah Burgeman's workshop was amazing. she is a pure channel of Hashem's light.  Whether through her  breathtaking artwork, her soul stirring harp music, or her incredible access to deep Jewish wisdom, Nechama Sarah supported me in connecting more deeply to Hashem. Thank you!

 -Tzipora Harris


Weaving her music
    Guiding my soul
Her harp sings to me
   As I walk toward my goal

Though my light is refracted
    I keep my vision high
The nachash glides around obstacles
    And now so do I

I feel my music rising and flowing
    I know with clarity where I am going
I take this vision into my heart
    Now I can finally start

Being a dreamer can leave me adrift
    Bringing dreams into action
I have prayed for this gift

With Gratitude
-Tzirel Liba Mitzmann, Pomona 2018


The teaching left deep soulful impressions. thank you.

 -Bracha Meshchaninov


 Traveling down now
from Leah to Rachel.

Trying to be at peace
with the transition
And not to be sad or afraid
Of the descent

 knowing one day / one moment
 I will climb back up.

Thank you Nechama Sarah
for giving me the tools to travel gracefully in both directions

 And the awareness
of the ascent / decent
as both being elevated.

 And the consciousness
That this year,
every day
Is the highest yichud of
Yakov and Rachel.

-Rochel Leah

 * * *

May you be blessed with a full integration of Rachel and Leah as you do the ultimate Jewish alchemy of transforming all of the goshmias into ruchnias elevating the sparks that rachel gathers in malchut to the highest levels of atzmut where Leah journeys with ease and grace

-Nechama Sarah

Moshav Tarom 12 Tribes
Jan 2018

I felt more balanced and clear about my purpose and life's mission as a Jewish woman and mother, as well as my relationship to Eretz Yisrael. Through the movements I was able to be more open to possibilities and the resources around me with a powerful clarity, meaning and connectedness. Thanks to Nechama, many of my goals have been achieved and many resources I asked for came to me after my sessions with her.  Daniella S, Baltimore,MD. 

Rectification of Feminine Consciousness
July 2018

Fantastic workshop. Going from the Shevatim to those who brought them into the world, their mothers!

Getting connected to the mothers of Am Yisrael on a deep level which will truly usher in the feminine era of moshiach.

Want to expand & learn more.

-Myriam G


Delving into biblical secrets and mystical personality traits of our ancestors was intellectually expansive and emotionally relaxing. Nechama Sarah is a treasure chest of spiritual wisdom. Her background as an artist, musician, meditation specialist and book author, creates a unique tapestry of holiness. Her combined G-d-given gifts puts a perspective on creation, our individual and collective lives, and the beauty of being a Jew.

-Henya S



Better understanding different energies and balancing masculine and feminine in our lives. Particularly the feminine in the masculine and the masculine in the feminine and how that plays out in real life situations. Different ways of being __. Letting go of control.


What a privilege it has been to delve into the journeys of the Imahot with Nechama Sarah, allowing us to access another dimension, understand our identities as Jewish women, and empower us to continue working on ourselves… A true awakening of the soul and a foundation to balance energies from the world and within – in our work to ultimately bring moshiach.


I enjoyed learning with other women. This topic really needs a 2 or 3 day retreat.

-Malka S


This class was an eye opener into the many beautiful and not so beautiful sparks of myself as a woman and the rectification I’m here to achieve. The class just whet my appetite for more of this holy learning and to accomplish my purpose and potential in this world.

Thank you so very much for this wonderful learning!



Definitely got me back into the mode of learning more in depth. I’ve learned a lot of new things and appreciated being together with a good vibe of people. Lighting the candle was very special!

 Wow… Where to start? I can’t explain,
Just come…
You’ll be glad you did.


 I very much enjoyed and connected to Nechama Sarah’s beautiful way of conveying these ideas of the Torah and the meditations. Her vision and artistry are beautiful and convey the beauty of her soul and trying to bring us women closer to each other, to our tikun, and of course to H’. Thank you.

The workshop provided me with a positive perspective of the descent out of Gan Eden and clarified the nature of Chava, Rachel & Leah and their role in helping us to access expanded consciousness and to break with negative patterns of thought and action.

Still processing what came up in the meditation… I enjoyed very much doing the meditation about Leah as well as the first part about Chaya Rishon and Chaya Sheini. It was very inspiring to tap into a feeling of expanded consciousness.


Nechama Sarah’s workshop is an experiential clarity. It gave me clarity on what I need to focus on in my avodas H’. The meditation and discussion of the mothers power with the movement in the end of the day pulled it all together in a powerful way.

Thank you, Nechama Sarah, for giving of yourself so deeply.

-Aviva R