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On the Yahrzeit of Dan Ben Yaakov

We Are All Connected to Shevet Dan

Emunat Haticha by Rabbi Wolfson says we are all connected to Shevet Dan
The Arizal says that revealing the end/ the Kaitz
to Daniel more than anyone else because the neshama of Daniel fell to the end of the kedusha / called kaitz ha yamimall the netzitzot of the neshamas
who are in the depts klipot were pushed down to the world of Asiya
and therefore he knew that when the bearer of the netzizot would be complete
he knew when the kaitz amiti would be
His name Daniel, from Shevet Dan, the souls that fell out of the kedusha of the clouds of glory
and the names of the malachim
have yud-aleph-lamed at the end
so the name Daniel
is Dan plus yud-aleph-lamed
and it hints to the shevet Dan
the neshamas of the ikvata dmashicha
he awakens the supernal angel that rules over these last neshamos that have fallen into the klipot
he was connected to see the end and how its connected to the tribe of Dan
Dan was not walking with the clouds of glory
we need to connect to the Dan in us
to gather the strength
within the last days before mashiach
the world is very confused
we need the Torah to hang on to
to be brought forth
Dan was the tribe of discernment
we need discernment
to get out of the deepest klipot of asiya
we need to help each other
connect with the Torah of Eretz Yisrael
this is the stronghold of emes

Your piece of the Shechina

The zohar says the tzadik is equal to shabbat.
Tuning into the chius (lifeforce) of this root of our tree
The tribes are within us.
Seeing our struggles pre-Moshiach
the only gates open are the gates of tears
Each one of us should identify with that place within our neshama
Our piece of the shechina
H’ gave us that personal issue as a porthole
to go through the wall
and to come to the gate of tears
To know that whatever your most heartfelt issues are
they are Min Hashamayim
and your piece of the Shechina
When you get to that place of crying out to H’
Transform it into crying for Moshiach
From prat to klal
This is the key
to opening up to the klal
yearning for Moshiach

Bilha, Like Mother, Like Son

Bilha was the mother of Dan
She was the shifha of Rachel Imeinu / considered the acharayim of Rachal
Rachel is on the level of
sheviti H’ lnegdi tamid
she saw H’ in the outer reality
the malkut, the hashgacha pratis of every moment
she saw H’
Bilha is able to see H’ in the details
Rav Ginsburg describes her as a chemistDan, in order to have discretion
must lchalek / divide reality
into parts to discern what is emes
and what is not emesthe imaot carry their consciousness
through to their sons
connecting to the feminine aspect of the tribes
according to Sefer Hadorot (contrary to rashis opinion that every tribe had a twin wife) Dan went to Moav and found Aflala, a Moabite woman for his wife
Dan came from the greatest klipot and emerged with her sense of discretion
It is our inheritance to bring the feminine ability to do birur when we are faced with klipot
May we extract the last sparks!