Transition from Av to Elul

אני לדודי ודודי לי

Nechama Sarah Burgeman


Ani L’dodi vDodi Li...

We can feel the difference transitioning from Av...
A chaotic place
Dealing with our inner child
And now there’s an energy of pulling back to our borders-
is the tribe who claimed the borders for Israel
When we came to conquer the land

We are individually
reclaiming our borders
doing teshuva
H’ is going to help us see
where we have strayed
beyond our 4 amot
Peaceful energy
of being in the present
And being tzimtzumed
into the reality of our lives
Back to our own bordersWe are connecting
to our own inner nekuda
The letter yud י
That primordial place
And reclaiming our essence
And where we belong
in this world
Really connecting with
Our daled amot

On all levels
Meditation is on the left arm
The left hand which goes out
Into reality
and grasps
and manipulates
the physical worldElul is connected
to the sefira of CHOCHMA
So when we are aware
of the movements
of our left arm and hand
We are very much more
aware of the present...

Especially if you are right handed!And being more aware of
your left hand movements
You can observe your
thoughts and feelings
Which are taking you out
of just connecting with H’
in the presentAnd it becomes clear
What we need
to do teshuva onH’ is trying to help us
come back
to our primordial selves

Our inner light
And be present
And receive all the blessings H’ wants to give us
when we are
a clear empty vessel
to receive
MekabelThis is part of the
virgin relationship
we are
creating with H’
The mazal of Elul is Virgo
We are getting back to

This pristine relationship with H’



Elul coming!
Time for introspection!
Time to believe in yourself like Gd does !
Time for reception from limiting thoughts!
The truth unfolding!

Feel the energy welling up!

You are empowered to achieve great heights this year!
Forge ahead!
Your true identity will be more manifest because of your desire!
If need be you will redirect your focus!

You will become aligned !

Your ultimate objectives will be attained!

Not ......One day..... one day!