KavConnect Intl.

Jewish Women Learning • Connecting • Gathering • Supporting • Creating



We are spread around the world, as lights that ignite and unite as we find each other, like a treasure hunt of unity and yearning. Like sleeper cells that are activated one by one and called to action. Spreading love as we wait.


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KavConnect is part of the emerging geula consciousness that is spreading like a fever among the women.

We’ve become healers, artists of the soul, sparks of Miriam, reuniting and moving forward toward our next great gathering at the sea. Decorated tambourines tentatively in hand, well-worn emunah intact, unsung songs and unexpressed longing pouring forth from our hearts and souls in harmonized voices praising the One who has treasured us and supported us during these profound, turbulent times.

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The message is: Get your tambourine!

Bring your song. Become the blessing. Share your prayers. We’re going to dance the dream and sing the vision that’s been planted within each of us, as we yearn and wail through the distractions. We will gather as many women as we can to become the vessel of our collective song and dance. We learn from Miriam must do what she did then, now! We are trying as we wait.

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We are Uniting & Igniting All Jewish Women Who are Ready.

We are seeking and finding each other and binding to our collective desire, will, yearning, doing, creating, and designing so we can recall that we’re all part of one organism, one being, with one heart, the One, Master of the Universe, doing His will, separately, together. That it’s not about my program or your classes or your mission or their vision. Not anymore.

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Yearn / Gather / Sing / Pray

Together—to bring Hashem home. Please Hashem. Let it be enough that we want You. Let it be enough that we yearn, gather, sing, and pray. Together. Arms outstretched, eyes closed, swaying shoulder to shoulder, hearts open, tears flowing. Yearning. For You. No more waiting. Please. AmeIn!