Shofar-Cry of the Heart

Today is 25 Elul. The world is being created...

Notice our
attachment issue thought chain and tell Hashem “I don’t want my soul attached there this year… Instead I want attachment to Hashem's compassion so I can express that into the world.”

–Shuli Kleinman

The Lost Princes & the Nefesh Elokis

The animal soul, the lost princess, is in prison and the nefesh elokis comes in and tells the King it will bring her back to the King. The nefesh elokis comes to a palace and sees the princess and she does not see it is a prison, it is a tempting palace, but the nefesh elokis that is supposed to save the princess falls asleep on the job. He forgets he is looking for the princess.

The nefesh elokis wants to save the princess but it cannot as long as the animal soul is trying to "get the most" out of this life from the "me". The nefesh elokis is trying to tell her it is about the King.

The shofar is the place that says No MOre. I do not want to be a slave to me anymore

On rosh hashana it is only about the King. the world exists so He can be King and I want to make Him King over me. I want to crave and fear only Hashem but my heart is so entangled in this world I don’t know what to do.

Tekia is the mochim going up, the desire, the awakening from below, Hashem I don’t want it to be about me all the time. Then fresh new consciousness is awakened, descends from the source of consciousness, ratzon, and it descends and we take that energy into our heart, into the nefesh behemit and break its shackles....

Shevarim do do do. chochma bina daat, chesed gevurah tiferet, netzach hod yesond...we bring it to the subconscious self. We break the false perceptions.

Teruah, the nine small blasts into the sefirot, cleans out all the shmootz in nefesh behema

The last tekia brings the light into us as a completely different person. we are servant of Hashem, not about what I want, it is about what Hashem wants. I want to be an expression of what Hashem wants in the world. selfless development. I transform my life to being expression of Hashem's will. can I express what Hashem wants?

  • Hashem's will to create the world is awakened when He sees our hearts want Him

  • New consciousness comes in - from our mind to our heart

  • When we can't take it anymore and we cry out, Hashem says I have a heart I can work with...