by Nechama Sarah Nadborny Burgeman

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The Twelve Dimensions of Israel

This book is a guide for harmonizing the many dimensions of the human personality. It is based on our ancient kabalistic sources which provide a paradigm for understanding and healing the body and soul

The Twelve Dimensions of Israel is a personal journey which evolved from scholarly research into the essence of the Twelve Tribes of Israel. Based on Scriptural, Midrashic, Talmudic, and Kabbalistic sources, the Tribes here unfold into a matrix of spiritual and psychological archetypes, enriched by their respective correspondences to the months of the Jewish year, the sense, the letters of the Hebrew alphabet, the limbs of the body, and so on. In the course of her research, the author traveled to the land-inheritances of the tribes and meditated on the relevant material from sacred texts. Paintings, poetry, and prose (in the form of a spiritual travelogue) arose from this synthesis of knowledge and experience, which illustrate a very intimate and organic process of spiritual growth and healing. The result is a very informative and educational, yet also spiritual and personal book.

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Israel and the Seventy Dimensions of the World

This book is a guide for finding inner peace based on Kabbalistic models. From the pristine wellsprings of our sources we discover the present meaning of exile and how to redeem ourselves in preparation for the final redemption.

Israel & the Seventy Dimensions of the World is a personal journey of healing and reconciliation using the paradigm of the seven archetypal exiles of Israel. These seven major archetypes are the basis of all seventy core-nations fo the world. What Israel has experienced historically, the individual soul experiences psychologically. An archetype is a symbol within the collective consciousness of humanity. The archetypes of exile represent the psychic aberrations that each of us experiences. Psychic aberrations are forms of blocked energies that manifest through thoughts, feelings, and images. Based on Scriptural, Midrashic, Talmudic, Kabbalistic, and Chassidic sources, this book creates an imagery of Israel and the cultures of the world unfolding into a matrix of spiritual and psychological archetypes. Through writing, poetry, and painting, Nechama leads us through a process of reconciliation in which we confront, accept, and resolve our experiences of exile. Thus we reclaim our essence, return to the true pulse of life within, and discover the depth of inner peace that links us directly to the process of world peace and redemption.

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The Princess of Dan

A novel which prepares ourselves for redemptive consciousness as we tap into the eternal place in our souls which already lives in the ever-present future.

The Princess of Dan is a journey of self redemption. One of the two main characters, Danya, is a young woman who lives in Israel at a future time, when the Third Temple has been built. She leads a life that celebrates the gift of redemption. Sarah, the other main character, is a child of the 60’s struggling through geographical, psychological, emotional, and spiritual exile. She finally arrives in the Land of Israel. As Danya and Sarah’s relationship becomes evident, the line between exile and redemption fades as Sarah finds her own personal redemption.

Our personal and collective redemption requires an inner journey towards the Source of our unity. Redemption is a transformation from our world of mirrors and self-projections to a world of truth and clarity. As we work through our personal stories, we share in the revelation that we really are all facets of one collective soul. True healing occurs when each person fulfills a unique role in expressing the light and love of this truth. Personal redemption is wholeness reclaimed. There is no more inside and outside, hidden and exposed, or mirrors and self projections’ confusing one’s journey. There are no more battles between the higher self and the lower self, the Divine soul and the animal soul, the injured child and the conscious adult. Rather, our point of reference is pure essence. We transcend inappropriate scenarios of this world as we reclaim ourselves from our personal stories. As each person’s identity merges with the Divine love, the life pulse of all creation, we are redeemed.