Women, Torah & Art Event
EmunaHealing Retreat
in Partnership with ATARA

Open to women of all ages

·      CHANA BRACHA SIEGELBAUM – Keynote: Women, Art & Emunah

·      RIVKA NAHARI  – Piano/Opera/Flute Concert

·      SHELLY DEMBE  –  Soulstir! Creative Movement

·      RUCHAMA KING FEUERMAN – Creative Writing 

·      MIRIAM SHAW – Creative Art Workshop

·      Gallery of Artists & Vendors

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Art & Emunah Keynote Lecture The Hebrew word for art: ‘Omanut’ is connected with the word for ‘Emuna’ – belief. What is the connection between art and Emuna? What is the Torah’s definition of beauty? How can the Torah artist tap into the Hidden light and Reveal Divine Tiferet? This shiur will shed light on Torah ways that a Jewish woman can apply her ability to actualize her spiritual potential, through the medium of expressive art while inspiring and bringing others closer to Hashem’s Torah. The lecture includes Biblical, Talmudic, and Mystical sources on the connection between Torah and Art with emphasis on Women’s role as artists, being partners with Hashem through continuous creation.

Dance Workshop Soulstir, a sacred form of dance, invites women of all ages, shapes, and abilities to join together in a welcoming circle. Based on the kabbalistic Sefirot, women will have the opportunity to express themselves in a deep and joyful way, in a way that feels right for them. Participants will first experience the dance set to soul stirring Jewish music, followed by a fascinating discussion and exploration of one’s own experience of the Sefirot in their own lives off the dance floor!

Writing Workshop Just as the matriarch Rachel passed secret signs to her sister Leah, so too women in every generation pass secrets to each other, wisdom the men don’t know, the hidden Torah, the secrets which create a living tradition. How can we find this hidden Torah? We can try to talk our way to this place of wisdom, pray our way, and in this workshop we’ll write our way. Novelist Ruchama Feuerman will give in-class writing exercises designed to get everyone past their inhibitions. Work will be read aloud in a safe, encouraging atmosphere.

Visual Art Workshop Bridge to Freedom – follow Miriam Leah step-by-step as she brings you into the world of color, paint and brushstroke. Enjoy this special session where the artistic potential of your soul will begin to shine. No experience necessary.

Drama Workshop Liberating Pre-Purim Interactive drama workshop, “Sensitivity, Sanity and Simcha!” When was the last time you allowed yourself to lose yourself in laughter? With the burdens of our many responsibilities, we become so serious that we forget how to have a good time and enjoy life. Although we know we are supposed to “serve Hashem with Simcha,” we may at times succumb to worry, sadness or depression. Take a break from your daily duties, unburden yourself, and discover your inner joy hiding beneath worry and fear. Through Torah learning, fun activities and spiritual healing you will be on your way to find true inner peace.

Overall Music & Dance Music and song are profound vehicles for moving the spirit. We will express ourselves through joyful singing by artists on guitar, and unify as holy Jewish sisters at the drum circle and through soul stirring dance.