A Shabbaton Dedicated to Mikva & Jewish Women




Spend Shabbos with the producers and actresses who will present Mikva focusing on the power of the word, music & movement. This unique show debuted to rave reviews in Jerusalem! Shows in NY area June 23-30.


Miriam Yerushalmi International inspirational speaker debuts her new book, Heavenly Waters: Mikvah Messages for our Daily Lives. Learn how Mikva can enable us to Reach New Heights with true love, joy and inspiration.


Nechama Sarah Nadborny Burgeman Award-winning Author of the 12 Dimensions of Israel, Princess of Dan... Learn about the deeper meaning of the purifying waters of the Mikva for every woman to relate to as we become more in touch and embrace our femininity.

MELAVA MALKA HARP CONCERT Waters of Tshuva: Awakening Our Edenic Consciousness

All women ages 18 -120 invited.

For more info please contact kavconnect@gmail.com or Storch Agency Intl. hasrnmsn@outlook.com


Toby Klein Greenwald, Director and Co-Producer, Efrat, an award-winning educational theater director (Raise Your Spirits Theatre; Mikva the Musical and more), playwright of biblical musicals, journalist, and teacher of Tanach and creative writing, has worked with many population groups, including teens at risk, teens with learning disabilities or ADHD, and with people who have suffered trauma -- from terrorism, war, and other life challenges. She speaks about the healing power of theater, including her personal life experience with it, as appears in this inspirational essay: https://jewishaction.com/life-ordeals/time-sing-new-song-thoughts-one-year-breast-cancer-diagnosis/ She also offers a workshop in "Biblio-Playback," a method she synthesized from Playback (improvisational) theater and Bibliodrama. She uses this method to help people explore their own life stories through a dramatic study of the characters in the Tanach.

"Mikva the Musical - Music and Monologues from the Deep." A groundbreaking new show from Israel that has achieved critical acclaim, will be having its American premiere in the NY area June 23-30. See reactions to the show by audience members, and articles that have appeared about it in the press. Here is one from the Jerusalem Post.

Miriam Yerushalmi holds an MS in Psychology and Marriage and Family Counseling. Trained at Pepperdine University (graduation 1990), Miriam works in private practice with families and children, including volunteering many hours providing a resource for the neediest to access appropriate Mental Health care. Miriam is uniquely skilled at combining behavioral and humanistic approaches to address a wide spectrum of psychopathology. From panic disorders to addiction to depressive disorders, anxiety, anger management and ADHD, Miriam imparts self regulation techniques where clients learn to develop tools for a balanced and fulfilled life. Miriam is a sought after speaker who lectures internationally and has over 250 audio classes available. She writes regularly for the Jewish Press, and Jewish World. She lectures for Torah Anytime and has presented workshops at the annual Nefesh conference for therapists. She works for SPARKS as a counselor, in addition giving teleconferences and webinars on the topic of overcoming stress and anxiety as well as writing articles for their magazine called “True Balance” and other duties. She has produced 12 children books and 4 adult Books. With endorsements of Dr Avraham Twersky, Rabbi Shloma Majeski and Rabbi Chaim Miller.To view or download her clips. MiriamYerushalmi.weebly.com

Nechama Sarah Nadborny Bergman is an author, artist, musician and teacher who lives on Moshav Tarom in Israel. Her books are based on extensive research throughout the written and oral Torah, especially the Kaballah of the Ari z”l and her meditations throughout the land of Israel. She wrote the 12 Dimensions of Israel, Israel and the Seventy Dimensions of the World and Princess of Dan. She has given lectures based on her artwork and lead therapeutic workshops internationally. Nechama Sarah has developed a unique innovative therapy based on the Twelve Tribes of Israel, our genetic heritage. Nechama’s scholarly research and feminine integration has brought the teachings of Chassidut and Kabbalah into practical healing. Therapists have studied and used her innovative methods. Single women have moved on to marriage attributing the therapy to this transition. Nechama Sarah leads a creative movement experience accompanied by her original harp music. The learning of this deep inner work enhances creativity, spiritual wellness and clarity for actualizing one’s soul’s purpose in this world. https://www.kavconnect.com/nechamasarah