Meditative Thoughts on Simanim

(Chinese Medicine & Chassidus based)


related to our hearts. Red in color they represent our mitzvos - through Consciousness and Intention they send positive energy throughout our whole body for an abundant life.

Fish (head)

Color - silver - like the Lungs. Standing for Clarity and Precision- being specific with our borders... so that we may choose to be a Head not a tail - that we may forgive and breathe Peace. And have excellent immune systems .

Apple & Honey

connecting to the spleen - celebrating the Sweetness of the New Year - inviting Sweet Moments in our selves and our Homes, in our connection to Our Land, our earth energy for stability and Harmony.


flowing water can represent the liver energy and its ability to release the “old” - sins - or past dark places - as we greet the light of the New Year with new possibilities.


connects to the kidney energy - our connection to our Source - our pure soul that is literally a part of Hashem. The Shofar calls us from that primal place - touching our deepest places to inspire and return us to connect us to our Source Energy - to be one with Hashem.

Esther Hadassa.
Herbalist, Israel.