Or Pnimi / Or Makif
Memale Kol Almin / Sovev Kol Amin

1. ממלא כל עלמין

Or Pinimi / indwelling light / TIKUN
Memale Kol Almin / immanent light / light that fills the worlds
Finite according to the vessel it permeates
Depicted as a line with a top, bottom and all the points in between
An immanent light that continuously sustains creation
An active creative force; the way G-dliness, Elokus becomes the tochen of every existence
Its “I” true self, the identity of every reality; the Divine Particle; The vitality within each an every creation; every nivre (creation) has its own toichen: own inside

2. וסובב כל עלמין
encompassing light / Or Makif / TOHU
Sovev Kol Almin / transcendent light / light that surrounds the worlds;
Not spacial; hidden; encircling creation; divine light transcending creation
Detatched passive role; KETER, igulim, gevura: insensity of light. The primordial realm of unlimited light whose vessels were to small and too few to contain it and therefore shattered during the planned catastrophe of Shevirat HaKelim

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