Nechama Sarah, Moshav Tarom. Jan 2018

Nechama Sarah, Moshav Tarom. Jan 2018

Nechama Sarah Nadborny Burgeman

Twelve Tribe Workshops

A unique, innovative and highly effective therapy based on the Tribes of Israel. Therapists have studied her methods.

Nechama Sarah Gila is an author, artist, musician and teacher who has been living in Israel for the past 35 years. Her books are based on extensive research throughout the written and oral Torah, especially the Kaballah of the Ari z”l and her meditations throughout the land of Israel.

Nechama Sarah Gila has given lectures based on her artwork and lead therapeutic workshops throughout Israel and the U.S..

Nechama Sarah has developed a unique innovative therapy based on the Twelve Tribes of Israel, our genetic heritage. Author of “The Twelve Dimensions of Israel” which has sold over 1500 copies, Israel and the Seventy Dimensions of the World and The Princess of Dan, Nechama’s scholarly research and feminine integration has brought the teachings of Chassidut and Kabbalah into practical healing. Therapists have studied and used her innovative methods. Single women have moved on to marriage attributing the therapy to this transition.

The Tribal Therapy Workshop is based mostly on the teachings from The Twelve Dimensions of Israel. The emphasis of this unique inner work is to access the spiritual function of each of our twelve evarim (body parts). Each evarcorresponds to a specific tribe, month, hush (sense), permutation of G-d’s 4-lettered name, mazal, simple letter etc. After teaching about each particular dimension. Nechama leads a creative movement experience accompanied by her original harp music. The learning of this deep inner work enhances creativity, spiritual wellness and clarity for actualizing one’s soul’s purpose in this world. Healthy food and optional forest hike to Kever Shimshon


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