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Comments on Orot HaTeshuva


As the pnimius of Torah is rising
there is a strong pulling force
to discuss, support, experience
share our inner process of
now becoming the primary focus
as the key to our
personal and collective
chochma / bina / daas

Rav Kook zt”l says that
the mitzvat H’ of Teshuva
On the one hand is very easy
because just thinking about doing teshuva
is already teshuva.
but on the other hand,
it is the most difficult mitzva
to activate in its fullest
in this world
Writing/ Speaking / Sharing
is the pivotal force
in materializing and
activating a constant flow of
positivity and hope
for Am Yisrael
and the world

Orot Hatshuva

התשובה אורות

https://he.wikisource.org/wiki/אורות_התשובה_פתיחה_לספר אורות התשובה · פתיחה לספר
A stream of holy consciousness. A soul who saw the holistic vision of Torah.
Its been awhile I have been battling in inner war  
הפועל אל עדיין יצאה it has not yet been actualized.
עדיין  nonetheless 
tshuva has an easy side and a hard side to activiate tshuva is hard
the minimul definition is to have hirhur tshuva
but to fully actualize it, it is hardהראוי am I fitted
להתייצב how can I stand in their company?
מתביעתי inner demand (court) there isnt any weakness in the world to keep me from my inner demands davka on its literary and on the side of action
2 things that need to be talked about
the poetic spect
awakening to tshuva literally
maasi side addresing ways to put it into practice ולהגשמתה   materialize בחיי הפרט ובחיי הכלל. In the life of the individual and in the klal https://he.wikisource.org/wiki/אורות_התשובה_א Commentary by R’ Shlomo Carlebach zt”l on Rav Kook’s “Orot BTeshuva”Reb Shlomo mentions a professional soldier who was victorious in battle with the Crusaders. He fought with his sword. He then mentions the Bobover Rebbe in Bobov who talks about a person who had the desire to do an avaira back in Europe in the sheitl. He didn’t have where to go to do one avaira (no trief food readily available, no internet etc etc) - there were strong boundries.  All of them were broken. Now we don’t have the defense that we used to have. Now we have revolvers and grenades. Today it’s a free for all! Pritzus (breaking through the boundries) is rampant - we have the capability to do hundreds of avairas ch’vs in a short period of time because all the things that are available. The Bobover rebbe was in a world where, in the space of minutes, a person could transgress hundred of thousands avairos than his grandparents in the shtetl.They had to look hard to find a place to do avairos. That bursting of boundries hadn’t occurred yet (in bobov). Rav kook felt he had to bring the poetry of teshuva and how to do tshuva The true Chasidim of the Baal Shem Tov are the people loving now.

 ___ Natural Tshuva

people who cut down forests and creating deserts and swamp

safter birir – going against neged chukei hateva-requires clarification

1.     bad thing

2.     personal responsibility החיים דלדול  dildul dil dilution of life/ degredationif you overeat and as a result you cant run aroundin his quality of lifeafter somebody clarifys and he is personally responsibly,THEN he’ll pay attention to what happened to him. Teva: nature of a healthy person in his nefesh and who recognizes that therres something hes doing that is causing him or the klal difficulty, he recongnizzes and he will rectify the situation. People who don’t take personal responsibiltyIe a person going to psych, mussar sefarim good aitzot to recognize the triggers, what do I do now. Connecting on high…TivieGoofiNafshi

 רעננותם vigor
 natural ethica in torah law
וישובו אליו החיים life returns to him
tsuvu elecha ratz vshov
we se anyways
the person is going to repent of the bad things, metaken, not do them , he will live, THE LIFE WILL RETURN TO HIM IN FULL VIGOR. As long as he catch it early enough.

Ie smoking. Catch it early enough, if you quit smoking, no long term damage

 HKBH can do anything, derech hateva,… situation something is wrong, he fixes it and not permanent damage.

We don’t even know yet what questions are there
Theres something im doing that messing my body up
The medical profession doesn’t have all the answers yet
Not always clear how to “taken” metaken itself

 Question , I want to stop doing what is bad but how do I fix the damage 

Sometimes tzur me ra is sufficient
And sometimes you have to ase tov

 Physical and environment health we don’t have all the answers
 To what extent in the edges of life to return – every thing thaw was lost from him

מהרסי הגוף וכחותי

destroyed the bodies and its potential
 not someones who is very old

that people see a dardaroot of their cochot, that people should recognize that theyre on their way for this transition, medicine hasn’t invented the fountain of youth… there are things that have don e that have damaged the body and hasn’t returned yet we don’t have all the answers 

what is הרוחנית-הטבעית spiritual teva,

nowadays we are talking the mind- body soul connection

hes saying that we are not going to be able to solve the teva goofanit because they are tied to the other type of tshuva, emotional and spiritual support.

Tshuva tavit; shlomo to be a normal human being

2 emunit tshuva arrives in th the moment that I believe with all my heart and soul

sichit , with my higher than the previous 

what happens to our generation? Why are so many people not returning.

This is your friend because thy think if they do tshuva they will be transformed to something not normal.

If I normally it eggs and bacon, and and I always go with my friend fri night and dafka when shabbat falls on yom kippur, I go out to eat, I have to change, not a little , my whole way of life . not normal I changed from y regular life. If its what Im used to is not normal. For another example. I like to feel the wind blowing in my hair, suddenly I have to wear a wig or a kippa, feels not normal,

There are people who thing that teshuva is defined to give up entirely that which they feel strongly to turn to something not normal

Thay are convince that judaism is REAL TSHUVA is to become normal , the person HKBH wants me to be!