Miriam’s Circle Dance

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by Rebbetzin Tamar Taback

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Moshe’s leadership / Miriams leadership

Why is Moshe using future tense (Az Yashir ) and Miriam is using present tense (Shiru LH’’... “Sing to H’)? Why was miriam zoche to merit the immediate presence that she could say it in present tense?

All of it is about the women but it refers to them in the masculine pronouns– L’heM. Why is it referring to the women as if they are men? across genders... -Meor VaShemesh

Sarah Yehudit Schneider’s book Kabbalistic Writings on the Nature of Masculine and Feminine discusses this in chapter 7 The Expansion of Consciousness

The answer to these questions: In sefer Yeshaya it is written, “Every man and women points to H’ and says This is H’ that we have served and we have longed to see.” Rashi explains this was a Machol is a circle dance.

First we will zoom out. Before the creation of the world H’s light filled everywhere, even though there wasn’t space and time, in order for there to be a world he had to revoke some light and designate an area a spherical area. Like a womb, he had to tzimtzum to make a circle.


And then he in a controlled way, injected a Kav: a stream of light / G-dliness / chills / H’s energy into that vacuum of space. And thats how the world unfolded. This is very abstract. But what we DO understand is that there is a CIRCLE and there is a LINE. A CIRCLE is a symbol of the feminine
A LINE is a symbol of the masculine. Biologically womam is a circle and man is a line.

What happened so there could be a nivra olam so we could exist. There has to be an illusion of independence / physicality and then CHOOSE to see him

This is hinted to in the sheep that Yakov raised in Lavans house

1. the first world is called the bound world
2. the second world is Spotted Nekudos ; A dot is a sphere
3. the third world is set streaked

1. First Bound World: from infinity to finite through 10 sefirot / lights / channels. He put his divinity in these creations. One vessel and put all 10 sefirot into it. The problem: all connected were in one vessel, but there was no individuality

2. Then he created the circle world; the world of points; each one of the 10 sefirot had their own vessel; but there was no give and take; no inter inclusion; just 10 distinct lights; it could not sustain itself and the vessels shattered.

3. From the fallen sparks, H’ created the world of rectification; the world where he took the good parts of the first world and the good parts of the second world; there’s some distinctions, and he took their connectedness and put them together in the world of Berudim/ Streaks/ lines. And thats how the Tree of Life / Sefiros are arranged. Three columns. Left / right / center patterns that express itself in creation

Pesach to shavuos is the balance of connected and distinct. It is about feeling the achdus but also finding our own voice; our unique contribution; our soul purpose etc.

What does this have to do with the Circle Dance of Miriam?

You might realize that the Circle world that existed before this world and the circle dance of miriam has a connection. What is this connection? 4 worlds

1. 2. 3. 4.

Infinite light top level down to world: 1 world 2 points or circles world 3 world of lines.

There is a movement in the creation of the world that can be called the extension of H’s light; that can extend from the worlds down to our world: olam HaTikun; when this world completes its 6000 years; then what happens; Then there will be a period of contraction.

Then it will start going around the circle and retract; and go into Olam HaBah, When we are all able to contain H’s light.

What does this mean for us? A pattern. H’ wants to fill us with light; to hold His light. The world is very dark and our job is to bring the light.

The problem with the first world that got reabsorbed and the second world that shattered is that the vessels were not sufficient.

H’ created the world not only to bring his light into the Olam HaTachtonim/ lower worlds but in order for us to be partners with him in creation; to participate in the creation of vessels to contain his light.

In the first world those vessels were no good. The second world the vessels were no good. By being people who are differentiated and unique and aware of who we are and what we need to do; but at the same time not being egoic; not filled with ego; but being able to connect and be ONE of a nation. We are providing the vessels for H’s light to truly become into the world. That is why He created the world in the first place.

This whole cycle of moving down through the worlds is for the purpose of creation of vessels that are sufficiently strong enough to hold H’s light and not shatter.

Its Vessel work

Thats why we are here to build a Keli. in our hearts. In our homes.

This is something women know very well building like a womb, like a container. Once we have the vessels strong, Mashiach will come and the world will actually be able to hold H’s light.

When that happens, the phase of tikkun; of rectification; the phase of preparing the vessels; and mending the broken vessels; finding all the sparks that dropped from the shattered world;

We are going to then, gradually go into Olam Habah; and than have a Circle Dance with H’. With H’ in the center and we are going to point to H’, -EACH ONE OF US; Every single Jew and say: “ZEH H’” This was the H’ that I was working on having a relationship my whole life! We will be able to contain that light and enjoy the Shechina; the light of H’s presence.

That is on a macro level what its all about!

What does this have to do with lines and circles, men and women... Moshe and Miriam songs at the Sea?

So as you can see we we are coming from the world of circles... but H’ built the world of rectification so that we can prepare the vessel. Once we’ve prepared the vessel, we are going to go BACK INTO A CIRCLE WORLD.

Into a Circle Consciousness where every single person is going to have a direct connection to H’ as it says in Yeshaya “The whole world will be covered with the knowledge of H’ just like the seabed is covered with the water. Thats where we are moving to.

Whats fascinating is that the circle is a representation of the female. The line is a representation of the male, and we are moving back towards the circle which is the feminine again. We are in this bridging era which is all about LINES and the masculine but we are moving towards the circle.

What are lines vs circles

What are lines about?
A line is when you view H’ in Shamayim. We are down here on earth. and we want to connect. We see a ladder going up. We are at the end of a continuum / end of a long line trying to reach H’. How does the light actually reach us.

Through hierarchy. means that somebody who is above; higher on the ladder, knows more Torah. He then becomes the Mashpia, the bestower and the ones beneath is the students who seeks out teachers mentors in order to learn and imbibe what those on a higher level have to give to us. Those students then become teachers to those on rungs beneath them. and this chain / menorah/ cylcing down from above to below is really what rebbi to talmud is. But it also is in relation to gender because gender is there is a bestower and a recipient. And then the recipient becomes the bestower to those beneath.

Line consciousness

Parallel to the masculine / feminine relationship.
{Kinat sofrima) Everyone looking around and seeing where everyone else is holding on the ladder. And wherever your values are, those are the people you will look to ; those are the people you will try to emulate; to seek out. and learn from them. This hierarchy is very important for Klal Yisrael to grow. for the menorah to be transmitted. it keeps us growing and its perfect for the Olam HaTikkun. What is a circle world all about

What is circle consciousness all about?

What are the qualities? Not looking for teachers; for others because you have a definite of light; but the circle consciousness is when we are able to - in the times of Moshiach. We are not there yet - but approaching there. We will be able to connect to their own neshama to connect to H’. The pasuk says Yirmiahu: One man won’t need to teach his friend, because everyone will know H’, from the smallest to the biggest.

Like the sun and the moon. This is where the disparity of gender was created. The moon / womanhood had to diminish to receive the light from the sun. That is the Olam HaTikkun, the linear world; the hierarchy.

The light of the moon will be like the light of the sun

But the pasuk in Yeshaya says that in the future, the light of the moon will be like the light of the sun. The gap between the genders will close; the light will not be from another human being, but kulam, everybody will be filled with da’as. With H’s consciousness. And that is atid Lavoh. After moshiach comes.

But we are in this transitional time. So what does this mean?

What miriam did, the women went out, she brought them to the future; to be able to bring moshiach / the circle consciousness / she was able to bring that state of awareness to the nashim tzidkanios; to bring that awareness into that dance; bring them to that place where each one was able to connect to H’ from within their own neshama. Thats a very high thing that she did. And so too in our times, the qualities to work on in our times, to work on as women is appreciating that every single man and woman and child has a spark / a nashama / something unique that we need to polish / grow / enhance and it comes with a unique perspective / an appreciation of everybody. To have the humility to realize that only when we are connected to one another can we hold the greatest truth; the greatest revelation of H’. Just like the circle dance. In the future they will dance in a circle and every time they take a step they will see H’. Now each one of us is holding a piece of spirituality in our neshama. deep inside.

It would be so amazing if we could all appreciated ourselves in this way. Everyone sees H’ from a different perspective.

So too it is NOW- each of us is holding a piece / a perspective / a spirituality in our neschama. That is straight from H’ and can connect straight TO H’ . The name Israel means Yashar Keil. Straight to H’! Also means Shir Keil the song of H’shem. The song that we sing. As each one of us looks at the center of the circle and sings: “Zeh H’ kivinu lo” This is the H’ I have hoped for!

Intrinsic to this: Look how wonderful she is. And stop comparing ourselves with each other. Oh look how beautiful she is; look how wonderful she cooks; look how illustrious her husband is!!! I think that we fall from our potential when we become comparitive. Because comparisons ONLY EXIST IN THE WORLD OF LINES!!!. Who’s better... who’s greater? you NEED to know... so that you can choose the greatest teacher that you can learn from. But in the world of circles ... theres such an appreciation and love of every neshama. A circle doesn’t have a beginning and endpoint. theres no hierarchy. no higher or lower. its all a circumference.

If you take a coin and you hold it flat, it will look like a circle, but if you turn it to the side, you’ll just see a line. These world could even be the same thing, but now, our perspective is hierarchy; who’s better, greater, we need to have a little spiritual jealousy to say to ourselves “Wow, if she can do it so can I” It prompts us to grow.

But at the same time, to start to develop this circle consciousness of realizing that our greatest potential where we are headed to is de’as H’ , connectedness to H’, this as women is something to work on: our own relationship to H’ and to see the good in each other. And to appreciate that each one of us has a story we’ve all had and have our struggles. Please H’ may we triumph in this world of rectification. And we should all be able to SING OUR SONG TO H’

Miriam was pre-messianic

This is a taste of the future. She was bringing the women to the future. She was bringing them to a recognition to H’. Not just cerebral, a something that we are bringing into our bodies; to our whole being. That is what dance is.

Allowing the emunah to lead our body parts. why dance? because we had to contain the awareness. We can’t hold H’s light- we’ll break! Why a circle? because we can’t do it alone. We need each other. We need to shine with our own unique expressions.

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