Chashmal- elevated vibrations

Shifra Chana Hendrie Interview with Sarah Yehudit Schneider 8 Tammuz / 7/11/19

4 Steps:

1. YEARNING / LONGING for the lack to be filled and move into the era of growth and joy. give focus to the present; yearn for mashiach; allow ourselves to feel the lack; to drown in the sorrow; the grief etc that are going to be healed; that longing for it to be potent, it has to be visceral; from the heart. It can be scary, will I find my way back to the light; trust the process and allow ourselves to feel the lack/longing

2. STEP BACK / EMUNAH; and hold the faith; The big picture; to know with certainty that failure is not an option. Only one reason which Moshiach wont come today. There’s still work to be done which allows the full purpose of creation to be accomplished. When we have fulfilled all the requirements,Moshiach will come.

3. ACCEPT (opposite of 1) the present circumstance as it is. She’asa li kol tzarki. Everything H’ does is for good. I have everything I need right now for spiritual development. Without a doubt I know that this present reality - with all its lacks - is the gentlest way that could bring about the necessary The upshot of every tikkun is a new increment of consiousness. the ultimate pleasure. The new awareness that became available in this imperfect moment, will be more of a joy, peace and satisfaction than I was asking for. Haga (unripe fruite(min 12.43)

4. DANCE BACK & FORTH between the Aching of step 1 and the unconditional exceptance of step 3. At the same time, keeping the constant presence of step 2 in the background. ie. HASHMAL / Maase Merkava; from Yechezkiel; (Maase Bereshit, Concealing and withdrawing light is phase 1) Merkava: bringing the light in. from 2 words: chash: silent / receptivity mal: speech / goal-directed.

Chashmal is an electric / magnetic constant dance. surrendering will / accepting will

acceptance / hishtadlut

moving back and forth between these 2 states

The master is able to dance back and forth as if with a propeller that moves back and forth, surrendering / exerting, so that they become inter-included between each other.

ie. Tennis. You are taugh you have to do a constant dance back and forth, back and forth... Do not stand still! because...Even if you’re on your left foot and the ball is to the right of you, you’ll get there faster than if you left foot is planted on the ground, because of the inertia!

The kabbalistic teaching of chashmal is dancing back and forth between these 2 states and whatever life brings, we are able to choose. One becomes a foreground and one becomes a background - in this moment. When practiced to the point that one moves in the world, it becomes a way of tzipita ha moshiach. yearning and longing and hoping expecting trusting that any moment can be the moment that moshiach can come. To do that in a way that doesnt exaust the heart. Its a spiritual practice.

we need to become masters of Ruach Hakodesh. To use it this way in this moment and that way in that moment, and we have to move with that.

Rav Tzadok Hakohein. The capacity to access divine inspiration comes through chevle d’garma, breath of the bones.

Thats where the divine inspiration comes up. It became clearer that the rabbis understood, but they didn’t have the scientific language for it. There is some aspect to the soul - as we know it currently as DNA. As the soul comes down and down to the world -from a more spiritual world -to a more material world... The golden thread of the soul constricts and conceals, and constricts and conceals, until it comes down to the essential oil of its uniqueness. The essential oil pressed out of our soul is basically our DNA. That is our individuality. That which endures even when the rest of us dissolves and is shed. It doesn’t determine us but it provides the resources of what we are and what our potential to become. We have involvement in it.

When the chachamim say that the inspiration comes from the breath of the bones / DNA, it means to be saying that our life is a discovery of WHO AM I REALLY and the more we plug in to who I am truly, the more the channels open to divine inspiration!

The less I’m in touch with myself - the more I’m trying to be what the others are doing - the less space there is for the guidance for divine inspiration to come through.


there will be about 200 years

people will pop into your light body

you will have an insight

that’s so awesome

your soul flies out of your body

and flies back

as a light body

there’ll be early poppers and late poppers

if we keep up the pace @ maximum exertion we can transition smoothly

but if we have to crash at the end

absorb at a short period of time

sometimes concealed good - seems bad we have to dilate in order to make space that can be a painful way

to enter the End of Days

if our minds are closed

we can’t receive

be giving!

the less threatened we are in generosity

the faster we can move forward in all areas of our life no more competition.

(keeping the gevora level of setting boundaries) transitioning to Moshiach consciousness)

This interview was very insightful and enlightening. I was definitely popping (as in Elevation) from this.

A particularly special insight today was the mashal about the tennis player. I have vivid memories of my tennis coach never letting me stand still he was always literally coaching me to “dance!” from my left foot to my right foot - In an elevated vibrational state above the tennis court. This completely resonates with me since one aspect that I’m trying to work on right now is transitions. 

Transitioning from one state to the next (either physical place or spiritual place) has always been challenging for me.

Now I’ll remember my “coach” telling me not to stand still - that’s how we can “dance through life”. By always being mindful and aware to be ready to pivot at any moment / activating our Daas  - from step 1 (Yearning) to step 3 (Acceptance) - while constantly in step 2 - EMUNAH/ DAAS / CONNECTION with H’ always constant. 

They eventually come to intermingle. That’s the REAL avoda. Holding space for these 2 perceptions as really being ONE. 


Rochel Weiman