Elul: Choose Life - The Fruition is Us

Elul Chabura 2 of 3
Rabbi Labinsky
9-16 / 16 Elul


Not just to tolerate people
Not just to like people
but LOVE People
Ahavas Yisrael!
Hiskallelus mandates
that you identify
the other person as THEM
and you are YOU
so His ultimate Shechina can shine!

Roshei tevos ELUL
Ani Ldodi Vdodi Li

refinement li
Ani ldodi to HKBH
ldodi Li back to us
(ratzo vshav)

What creates the hisorerus of Ani?
very simple and fundamental

the reality is
self can be in anochius way and
self can be in an Elokus way
A wondrous paradox

The Self: the divine identity in us
nefesh elokis
paradoxically we find that space
for our self, each other, and H’

Is it the work of knowing self
a means to an end or an end in itself?
ego or Elokis?

sof maase :  the ending of one year
machshava tehilla sowing the seeds for the new year

in Elul we are reaching higher levels of avoda
to connect

3 differnt angles

1. cheshbon hanefesh, back review
go back to you goals of rosh hashana last year
What was I focused on? What choices did I make?

You may have accomplished random things but did you accomplish your goals?????

2. what was the HIGHLIGHTS OF YOUR YEAR?; buffing, polishing , shaping your elokus; intuitive scanning special events; extract: how did i grow? what new things did it question?

3. actual learning and davening itself. Is there anything cornerstone that defined my connection. How did they shape and define me?

What are we coming back to ?
a sharp point

Its not about “I had a great year!”
Its about choosing life
shaping and increasing the core of your identity

becharta chayim: choose life

Gdliness to Bechira
the will/ ratzon
aligned with the Gdly soul
not magical
Bechira which is Ratzon

with the 3 angles: cheshbon, learning and davening
Who did I become?
How was my “Ani” defined and carved out?

The better sense you have about you are
You birth your new self.
We want to go in to R’H and Y’K
with new perspective!

To carve out the inner godliness

To attain the capacity
Paradoxically to shape and refine
all opportunities AND  difficulties

That’s’ the buffing
Thats the ratzon for the next year

For example: A farmer plants seeds, harvests, and hase a feast; everything is wonderful!

In Elul we are beginning to think about next year; the seeds of next year come from the fruit of this year’s
harvest for next year

The fruition is US!!!!!!!!

cheshbon hanafesh on the experiences H’ gave us
THAT is the diamond that was shaped till now
define exact as possible
I’m taking this diamond and trading it up

The diamond on all quantitative and qualitative levels
“Tatty this is the the neshama you’ve created for next year”
package it; trade it up!

I don’t own my self
It has been given to me
I have to use it correctly

THAT IS the teshuva

Our abilities and limitations
are given to us
Choose life!
Life given anew.

The seeds
Are the new chush
for the new year
that you can be makir / recognize
of who you can become

not “mother may I”
“Tatty, everything you’ve given me, I want to give it back to you!”

I want to be UPGRADED to serve you, to reveal your divinity.

I’m turning in all the opportunities
I’m getting a sense of my inner Elokus
The value and love of my intrinsic self is tied up with you

All’s I want is to strive higher
give it up to you!

only you
delevope it
experience you
with all the shocks and surprises!

all the learning and davening
the buffed diamond
in a beautiful setting
I’m giving it back
returning to you as a buffed new diamond

Not partially buffed
cheshbon – I got some things and not others
the learning - i tried
davening- I tried…

With intent
I ultimately want to  remove all the aspects of anochius the best way I can
and bring back the Elokus

learning. I thank HKBH for the hiskallelus. The special sugia to learn. Utterly oceanically deep.
I have been allowed me to see HKBH . Has been built as a mechanism to learn his creation

PIECE>PEACE all the pieces of the puzzle create PEACE/ sheleimus

Whats sheleimus?
Aspire for divine sheleimus
Yearn in the depths of your being for sheleimus
To truly to love other people
to be integrated in the gifts they were given
ie. in a chabura

BH to arrive to a deeper chush
What hiskallelus means
husband and wife = one reality
family = one unit
Am Yisroel

Not just to tolerate people
Not just to like people
but LOVE People
Ahavas Yisrael!
Hiskallelus mandates
that you identify the other person as them
and you are you
so his ultimate shechina can shine!

Let it shape and define you in every way possible
Take Torah deeply,
shape and define your self
and give it back

mamon ממון / money
in the depths of money challenges
in a financial struggle.
survival tendencies are on the line
survivorship / money
challenges to bring it out

Fear of non existing!

The core of nefesh behamis
is at the sweetest place
for refinement!
Theres no threat!
nobody can create non existence!
even if we pass away
we are still here
in the depth of existence
on the line
challenge the sheker from the core!
“neshamala, your existence is eternal”
recognize the tendencies to believe your existence is on the line

your survivorship is not dependent on the the false belief that you are in control
M-Y: I can’t not exist; my reality
ONE- (middle 3 letters) perceive One ness