Survivorship is the Epicenter of Our Nefesh Behamis


Survivorship is the epicenter of our Nefesh Behamis
Elul Chabura 2 of 3

Rabbi Yakov Labinsky
9-16 / 16 Elul

in the depths of challenges
ie.  a financial struggle.
survival tendencies
are on the line
Our challenges are there to bring it out;

A basic fear of non existing!

The core of nefesh behamis
Is at the sweetest place
for refinement!
There is no threa!!!!
nobody can create non existence!
even if we pass away
we are still here
in the depth of existence
if we feel our existence is on the line
challenge the sheker from the core!
“neshamala, your existence is eternal”
recognize the tendencies…
believing your existence is on the line

The epicenter of our nefesh behamis is survivorship

One ness
Thank H’ for the struggle
A diamond in the dung
a gift to strive higher

Have the courage to let go of all of it!
Give it back to Him
“As a merit for myself my family and klal yisrael
Please H’ give me the strength and the ability!”

The simcha on R”H is
that we are judged going forward
“Please H’ show us mercy
We are tripping all the time
We don’t just want it
We want it for you and the Jewish people
We are willing to go higher this year!”

May we be zoche
to serve HKBH
in the most bold way
to put our lives on the line
lets live like the geula
it is here now

the greatest awesomeness of creation
is that creating
will know its source
bringing true malkus
in the world again.

* * *
Our existence isn’t our own
Our nisayonos are given to us
as a gift of elevation
emotionally psychologically intellectually
We are going to the deep place
of putting our survival on the line…

Generically, there are 2 ways we are driven in this world
Pain (out of fear)

There are many kinds of fear
The deepest fear
is getting to the place that we feel
that we don’t matter
or we are not loved
feeling abandoned

The EXTREME of not having love is ABANDONMENT

When the feeling of
annihilation and abandonment kicks in
it is your nefesh behamit
we think,
“There’s no point of being here.
There’s no point of surviving”

We want to have something,
rather than nothing
So we attach ourselves
to the myriads of things to own
and affiliate with,
and network with
It gives us some degrees of value and love…
Otherwise our survival-ness
will get washed away
We protect that survival!!!!

Then we get to the point
where we wish people
will come to me for who i am
not contingent of something I have to offer them
outside of me
ie. What happens if i lose the job?
or that person leaves me?

The core feeling of being
annihilated or abandoned is intrinsic
We go to search and find
the qualities / midos / attributes
that are more intrinsic to my being

Start to shift to the value of love that is more internal.

What happens from there?
Am I just my qualities and attributes?

they are the clothing of my self
not just what i do is Gdly

My simple existence is Gdly.

Feel it
Meditate on it
Visualize it
Feel my simple existence
“I am”
Throw anything else out
no more survival-ship issue
its only H-shem

its nitzkius; victory
degrees of love…
only HKBH
Rak H’
on the ground

Negate the survival instincts
of the nefesh behamis
can climb to the yechidus level

H-shem will crack us open
because he wants Malchus

To ultimately acquire Malchus

The deeper the fears are
the deeper the the volcanic activity;
To the core level

if we get lower,
it gets too deep
if errupting
we can wipe it away
with having compassion
on the Shechina in Exile

Daven for siyata dismaya