Rabbi Rietti The Real Me is My Mind

Rietti Breslev Retreat Vallevue 9/4/18

No word for life in Hebrew

He is the power of all powers

He’s dictating to me how I should view the world

The world is olam haDimyon

An illusion.

Only one place

I experience reality

In my head. My thoughts.

Total liberation

I Experienced pain


It’s in my mind

What matters more

Source of pain

What I’m thinking

Victor Frankel


His mind belonged to him

Soccer player injured

20 minutes later

Limped off

Minute whistle blows feels the pain

Pain shut off.

What is kaas really not real

There’s reality thinking

There’s no reality thinking

Hirhir ha lev

Chazal want us to know

Cannot divorce emotion to mind

What I feel

What I think

You cannot experience an emotion without thinking it first

Rabbi Noach Weinberg

Imagine joe saving up money to drive a Porsche

It’s my image

First morning Car comes and smashes

Can’t gather his thoughts

Smashes a second time

3rd time

16 year old blond

Do you want driving lessons

How can you go from manslaughter to niceness

A person can switch from one moment to the next

It’s impossible to have 2 thoughts at the same time

We live in thought

If this person angers me, yelling at someone, phone rings- oh yes big deal. Happy.

Anger is not real

The next thought

For me to keep being angry

I have to keep thinking anger

How long is the life of the thought?

As long as I keep thinking it




There are NO emotions that can be divorced from the mind.

I have a choice

Pop up

Ignore it or open it



We experience the rain/ thought

The question is

Not how to control the pop ups

From the moment you’re created you’re thinking

You are thought

Your body is the car carrying the passenger

The subtotal is our thoughts

We take to the grave

Free will

Im rotze ose

From one thought to the next

Ignore or explore

Explore- relives the triggers

She really did

Is she really doing that

Re-experiencing now?


Reopen the files of yesterday

Ikar elokus is in the mind

Kass is lack of daas

The memory of any pain is a thought

I’m reliving a thought by CHOICE

david hamelech


You gifted happiness in my mind

The main happiness is in my mind

Natata. You already gifted happiness

But there’s popups

Shaul tried to kill me

I lost 4 sons

You gave me reason to be happy.

Not to mention

Finances, shadchan

I can go there to propel me to be stronger

What does H want us to do with this?

Dr Freud

Compartmentalized my life

Correlation can’t divorce mind from body

Ie stomach ulcer because that’s what I’m thinking. To compartmentalize.

When neshama is removed that’s when the body stops

What am I going to do with my anger.

Lo tikom

Don’t have revenge

Don’t bear a grudge

Don’t guard the thoughts of what people have done against me

Veahavta lreicha kamocha

Melaka takes place in the thought in the moment

Can’t ever exist in the future

It’s not just the moment I live in

I live on the thought of the moment


Nekama in my mind

You can go to the next thought

Love your neighbor

I am Gd who designed you

You can’t ever relive the past

You can take a memory of the past and put it in the now


IF ITS really my thinking


I’m expressing my thoughts

47 rabbi Nachman

When I’m angry

I’m really rebelling against Gd

It’s the overthinking I’m doing to myself

This weight is my nisayon

Feeling a little bit more heavy

I’m overwhelmed

And before you know it it’s not the test

It’s the thought that’s pulling me down.

I have a track record for 55 years

Re’echa = Ra


Try to find a neighbor who has no flaws

Do I live with me?

I bully myself

Putting myself down

Just like I’m capable of loving me

I can love my friend with their thoughts

Olam hnisayon

Mostly an illusion

99% of physical matters

Center of center to atom is the distance of the sun to the earth


It’s the next thought

Energy if I messed up 1000s of times

Because the next popup

I can delete

Kaas destroys my character

Turn it around to rachmanus

Judgement to admiration

“That’s what you’re going through???”

Who hasn’t got their story?”

We get trapped inside the popups

One hirhur of teshuva

Can change in a moment

If someone is a rasha gamur


Perhaps he had a thought of teshuva in his mind

Ani H

I created you

Because you can go from one thought to another

The true origin of my thoughts

Christopher Reeve

I’ve never been more happy in my life

Since my accident

4 years to recognize

The real me is my mind

One extreme to another

If it’s not a popup

I can choose it


My blood pressure goes up

My kids run away

I’m hurting everyone about me

“Oh Michael how are you” I’m going to take this call!!!

X out

Or explore

What is a test?

DNA of Avraham

10 Times

He stood up to all of them

I don’t want to lessen my suffering

Or I’ll stop complaining

Complaining keeping the thought going

Watering the weeds

I start to feel sick

Feeling anxiety

Overloading my thinking

Take your son

Your only son

And sacrifice him

You’ve been telling everyone

G-d is a G-d of love

3 says on a camel

Time to think

He didn’t think

He got popups




The nisayon is only a nisayon

If I think about it

Should I light candles

It’s not a nisayon

It’s because you’re not thinking about it

It’s deceptively simple

Like asking a fish

How’s the water

What water

I don’t think about air

G-d, are you going to give me enough air

Any test you have overcome

Ignored the popup


Memories can never erase

Do they share it

Started their lives again

Which camp did you dream about

But during the day the built their lives

But only decades later they can talk about it

If every time I talk about it

Why would I choose that popup


Avraham didn’t think Hd reason

Don’t kill him

Now abraham had questions

Flat playing field

Everyone has the same

He wouldn’t get into the conversation

With satan

Thoughts that pull me down

Nobody suffered as much as Dovid

Natata Simcha belibi!!!!!!

A daughter raped by one of his sons

A sofek mamzer

Was he busy thinking WHY ME????

He spent his thoughts singing praises to H

Every day ABOVE ground Is a really good day

He gave us the ability to control popups

Maybe not in this thought

But the next thought

Talk without reminding

Sumtotal pf our lives is DA’AT

GD is With me all the time

We can be totally liberated from blaming

I can choose to be liberated from anger. Jealously.

One I know the secret

How’s the air

Only if it’s really humid

Only if theres a problem

It’s only a nesayon

If I’m holding it

Save your peace of mind

You mean, I’m healthy????

Negative emotions with that person

I can actually ignore it

It’s not denial

It’s reality

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