Ratzo Vshav on Yom Kippur

“Compassion has the power to bring back love” Rabbi Moshe Genuth The Torah tells us from prophecy what these words mean. there is a difference between rachamim and ahava. When we have compassion on the divine spark within us, we become connected to Hashem’s ahava again

we say the 13 middos of rachamim and then fall down on our faces and then rise up...this shows we are to uplift the sparks that have fallen down. We have to open the gates to the kelipas so the sparks can come up.

by falling down we bring up the sparks without getting hurt. He takes us out of mitzrayim with 13 attributes in order to glue us to Him instead.

but if we actually did something wrong, we can’t just bring it up, we have to have a feeling of bitterness, regret. this is what allows the separation between the good and not good to occur. first there is separation before the elevation. we do that by awakening great mercy, the 13 attributes of mercy. What are we asking for mercy? for the spark of Hashem in ourselves.


Rochel Weiman