Higher Waters & Lower Waters

Bringing the Higher Waters & the Lower Waters Together is GEULA

The higher waters & the lower waters as the tikkun of re’ah ראה

How we see / perceive things in the lower waters
is how it will be elevated toward the upper waters

The work is to train our “eyes” (inner eyes) in a different way - beyond good & bad
This is the process of living the Torah - wholesomely integrated with in us

Whatever comes your way-
make the SHIFT
embracing it התכפיא
transitioning it התהפכ

How are we rectifying our vision?
By not seeing black and white
Everything is a synthesis
where the waters meet

Rav Ginsburg says
the avodah of reah is integrating
the higher & lower waters.

Be open to the process
and how H’ is leading us...
*The lower waters seething / trying to ascend*

Our nature is in the El-kim
in this world
It takes creativity

Our avoda is to describe our vision
of what’s happening in the world with geula consciousness

Our newly-accessible geula language
is creating the reality

-Based pm a teleconference 7/1/19 Rosh Chodesh Tammuz by Nechama Sarah Burgeman