Intro to Chassidus

Introduction to Chassidus

by Rabbi Moshe Weinberger

Baal Shem Tov
A person can direct your consciousness to the presence of holiness
Can meet up in Elokus
Shivisi H’ LNegdi Tamid
shivisi - loshon hishtavus
in a state of equilibrium

the word shivisi 
the person always feeling in the state of equilibrium
mevazer or praise
hurt mevazer
a person is not taken away of his avodas H
Whether a person puts you down, 
no matter what happens to you
doesnt make a difference
whether your eating something delicious & sweet or NOT
all the same to you because the yetzer hara has been removed

since the yetzer hara is not real
its just covering up the reality of all things which is G-dliness
its just there to create the illustion
of free choice

since the whole purpose of the yetzer hara is a veil covering the Elokus
Paradox of reality
divine unity/ multiplicity
reality of H/ reality of physical existence
purpose of avodas H is to come to terms / to touch the metzius of all things

last will of baal shem tov
zavos urivos
not handwritten by him
authentic presentation of his major teachings

renewed appraisal of religious action
the more tormenting of the self 
the emphasis of high moral code
BSHT came along
basic idea any person any place any time
not by fasting 
higher moral virtue good
but every person can reach elokus

shivisi H’ lnegdi samid
shivisi loshon hishtavus
always in a state of equilibrium
always has his presence in my minds eye
shaveh= equal

the word shivisi mean
the person always feeling shave
praising or hurting feelings
not disturbed or taken away from his avodas H
it doesnt destroy you
no matter what happens to you

hakol all the same to you
bc the yetzer hara has been removed

since the yetzer hara is not real (14:25)
just to create the illusion
so there will be free choice
veil covering elokus
a person always focused on the reality of Elokus
and whether a person praises me or puts me down
its all the same
bc in light of the greater presence of Elokus
What Elokus is calling upon you to do
all things are equal
anything that happens to a person, the person should say
This is from H
If H’ sees it fitting in His eyes to happen
then its ok with me
you have your bechira
but if things happen to you

if someone comes and says youre worthless...
and a person has to serve HKBH
Im always the same
every single thing that happens in my life
is a Bas Kol from H’
A message 
H’ is telling me something. everything is necessary.
Serve him in all ways

recognize and understand
the huge change in perspective
every thought, action
can be a point of departure for Elokus
before that in History... only when Im learning, davening can a person connect

The average person, if i do things properly, i won’t get a potch
Very real ramifications for millions of lives

If every moment in life is an opportunity
to pull over the disguise
Lshaim Yichud, for unifying G-ds name

Youre telling me that the truck driver has the same gadlus of the Rov

Chasidic view of the rebbi
healing, unheard of before

all from Shevisi
that person is worried about how is he going to figure out his parnossa
has his responsibility
his Elokus
the tzadok helps to peel away the layer

since women were not a part of Torah
BSHT strengthened the belief of Shevisi
her intentions
a movement of the people
to the dismay of the rabbonim
oligarchies / control of Jews / created a gap of rosh yeshiva and simple people

expansion of Torah!
a time of the day when youre working and you cant learn
attach to H’
unify his name

when a person is walking
and cant daven or learn
serve HKBH in different ways 

dont have anguish
youd like to be learning and davening and youre sitting around people talking about other things
dont cause yourself to be upset
bc H wants you to serve Him in all ways
sometimes in this way and sometimes in that way

He wants to serve him in this way

Shevisi H
not just when im studying
if someone stopped me and i had to talk to that person
its all the same to me
therefore H has brought you to a certain situation
because he wants you to serve in this way.

lnegdi tamid
always tuned in to serve him

every moment is an opportunity of avodas H’
dont aggravate yourself

throw all your maisim to H’
All brought upon you from HKBH
always daven to H’
to bring upon me now - truly good for me

what seems to me is good for me 
is really bad for me

throw all your actions upon H’
dubner Magid: person in a wagon a rich guy
stopped the wagon
ill give you a ride
keeps his sacks of his shoulders
youre nice enough to shlep me, you dont have to take my bags also

if HKBH can wake you up in the morning, he cant also give you a parnossa?

modeh ani lfonecha
parnossa, im going to kill myself to get the raise
BH I have children, cant ask also for health
Throw everything on H’

Battlecry: Shevisi
everything Elokus

How much do I trust and how much hishtadlus
If I take it easy then im not going to have enought... Bitachon
How do you measure?

babi Sali: gabbi opened door. he was sitting and writing yud -k-vav-k in the air

when youre talking to the yid
thats a yichud shaim hashem
why am i talking to this Jew

I was in yerushalayim
i was osek baalei tshuva
getting buried
Rabbi schechter, mekubal

 (29:00) yakov mayer said tavoh
lives nebach
poured my heart out
going crazy
this morning when i got up i thought i was going to learn 6-11 am
then i see people
then learn again
got a call from an american
davka this time
i thought i was going to be learning
but i was talking

he saw i was turning colors
put his hand on me
Moishe this is avodas H’
shevisi H lnegdi tamid
im always the same

tzaros with children not well
wife not emotionally ok
shivisi H

right now in this moment
this is the way im going to serve him

great outing, great time
in car everyone is going crazy
everything going wrong
shut down
resistence resentment
listen, there was plan A
Forget it
Plan B
apparently H’ wants it differently
What is the elokus in this moment right now.
What does H want from me right now
the greatest quality of a tzadik is hishavus hanefesh
whatever it is
hakol mikol kol

madregas hishadus
spiritual symetry
if its fitting and proper that my children should behave this way 
then its fitting in MY eyes to serve Him in this way that was sent to me

talk to them in a measured way
bring them up, not knock them down
He wants me to serve Him 

Its the hardest thing in the world to give up your plan
to give up what you were expecting

i have no ratzon except the ratzon of H’

in life H sends him all kinds of tests
in the study of Torah
sometime if we can be of humble spirit
sometimes strong and confident.

sometimes if we are compassionate
mesilas hasharim

every single midda
have a place in avodas H’

quality of humility
be very very humble of spirit
midos ha gaiva
a person has to pull himself to the other extreme
its not enough to be modest
low spirit
be very careful to believe
im a nothing on my own, if im not using it properly
when a person feels the shiflus/humble spirit
not getting her to daven
feeling further and further away from H’
feeling broken
when shiflus its taking her away from H
must find her self in gadlus

connect with gadlus of nefesh / exaltedness

the way to serve H is to concentrate on the greatness of H’
BSHT said H created the entire universe
he takes the greatest pleasure in your mitzvos

lift yourself up above the angel

2 eyes
one eye look up at the greatness ; i am dust and ashes
one eye look at the humbleness of a human ; the whole world is for my sake

pull out the right one at the right time. (45:00)

remember and feel he is with you at every single moment
continuous feeling of freshness
continuous renewal of His love of me
everthing is a gift from him
everything is Elokus
giving me Him self

38 26 plus 12

Yetain lecha tal
May you always fell the oneness of H
Yitain yachzor lyitain
if you had tal
a good day
thats not the bracha
yitail lcha elokim

every day 
when its not going good
theres a different way
ways to know him
to come into contact with him

many doors to get closer to them
kids get excited 
its an opening
a child is very in touch
with Yitain lecha
he sees the world in a new way

dont throw me to old age
not becoming old
ill be old
i shouldnt feel old
even if im 100
let me always feel the excitement of just starting
i went fishing with my father
just an excuse to talk to me
i remember the most important things in my life
sitting with fishing rods
really all my father wanted to catch
was me

fish come to the top
dad lets do something 
why are they jumping out for the rain
they have all the water they want
the rain is new and fresh
to feel fresh
thankful, new, 
just because we ate yesterday
its a new opportunity to make a bracha
Yitain lecha haelokim
Tal = Hshem echod
sometimes its learning
sometimes talking to a friend on the phone
all equal
because the tachlis
is avodas H'

H' is talking to you
and giving you intonations
using the eye of the mind instead of the eye of the flesh
the minds eye
see the joy every moment of your life