1 Midda for 40 Days Hisbodedus


1 Midda for 40 Days Hisbodedus

It’s a good idea to pick the one midda to work on for 40 days and write it down.

“Instead of this bad midda of _____ please Hashem bless me with the opposite positive midda of ____”

·       Anger > Patience

·       Jealousy > Happy for & Blessing others

·       Negative eye; ayin tzaar > Positive eye; ayin tova

·       Criticism > compliments

·       Critical eye  > Generous eye

·       Perfectionism / Judgmental  > Judge favorably / Relaxed attitude / Let it go ...

Before you start

Ask Hashem to inspire your words. Please Hashem open up my mouth and inspire me to say the right things in my conversation with You today. My heart is like a stone. Please give me a heart of flesh and blood. A heart that feels (describe positive shift) etc.

Opening Prayer

Ribbono Shel Ha’Olam / Master of the Universe, Abba, my Dear Father! I love YOU! I am YOUR child. YOU Love me as an only child ... I am bringing my negative midda to YOU Hashem, to help me. The midda I would like to work on for the next 40 days will be the midda of (fill in the midda you wish to work and improve on). Hashem, I want to tell You all about it….(then talk whatever words comes from your heart). (Best to speak to Hashem in first person, and best if you speak a bit out loud, to at least hear your own voice...  this way you can REALLY believe, and really feel that you are talking to someone (Hashem), who is REALLY there!).

 Hashem I am asking You for YOUR help to help me to get rid of this bad midda of (fill in the midda). Hashem, I know YOU gave me a mouth, to ONLY to speak good, positive words, to pray, to praise YOU, to praise others, with my mouth. To see only the good in others, etc.  I have this bad midda of (fill in the midda). (Describe the aspects of the midda ie. I say hurtful words. I don’t mean to hurt anyone. I don’t agree with it.)

 Please take it away from the shoresh of my neshama (from the root of my soul). I don’t agree with the way I’m acting. Every time my ___ (fill in the blank husband / wife / child / father/ mother / Friend) comes along, I want to (Describe desired action: ie. speak nice words to them; kind, loving words… Please help me to see them in a positive eye and to speak uplifting words and to think only positive uplifting thoughts about them.)

I plan to be positive from now on! But instead I ___ (Describe negative action ie. get angry yet again.) But what can I do? I know it’s an aveira / transgression, to have bad middot, and we are here in this world for the purpose to correct our bad middot. But the yetzer hara is much stronger than me. He is a malach /angel. He is made of fire. I am but of flesh and blood. He burns me each time. Each time I say I won’t do it anymore. I fall again and again. H-shem, please, I’m begging YOU to help me. I’m begging YOU Hashem to please take it away from me. Etc. Help me recognize that this fire / midda is my Nefesh Elokis, my G-dly Soul. Hashem, please help me to shift it from the negative midda of __ to the positive midda of ___ . I am running to you for help and may you help me return / transform it to rachamim / mercy / chesed  / good words or deeds (Ratz vShav).

Proceed with your Hisbodedus

When you finish:

Thank YOU Hashem that I was able to speak to YOU today. Thank you for the priceless privilege. I know YOU hear my prayers and I KNOW that YOU WILL answer me now, in this prayer today. Thank you and please inspire me to speak to YOU again tomorrow! Thank YOU  Hashem. I LOVE YOU Hashem ❤

- by Janet Esses “Talk to H’’  on Whatsapp