Shiviti- Tikkun Rachel & Leah During 3 Weeks

Tikkun Rachel / Tikkun Leah During the 3 Weeks


July 22, 2019 / 19 Tammuz

 Tikkun Rachel / Chitzoni aspect of the Shechina / Before chatzot

Tikkun Leah/ Pnimi aspect of the Shechina / After chatzot

Tikkun Chaztot consists of 2 sections: Tikkun Rachel and Tikkun Leah. These are the two feminine aspects energies we can draw upon for chizuk. There is a minhag during the 3 weeks, to say Tikkun Rachel after Mincha (not on Shabbos).

Tikkun Rachel involves dealing with the reality of the klipot (the impurity or darkness - the shell that covers and conceals the light of H-shem that is inside everything), essentially from afternoon to mid night. This is a much harder avoda as Rachel brought H-shem into the physical world. Leah’s energy is from midnight to morning. The inner, pnimius avoda of “Taking what I am to praise H-shem.”

An example of Tikkun Rachel:

“The world is a mess and it doesn’t matter who made the mess! If I can’t get to the front door because its blocking with the mess, I will help clean it up — no matter who made the mess. Sometimes quietly silently…  sometimes asking people to help… sometimes I will remind others. But I will do it.”

The Shechina is helping us clear the mess! The women are usually the ones who CLEAN UP THE MESS! Not because we HAVE TO but because theres a part of our essence that responds to this.

There are 3 parts to the day:

1.     Morning energy (late morn – afternoon) , 2.     Day / shibud (afternoon – midnight), 3.    Night / Chatzos / re-newed energy  (midnight - early morn)

Tomer Devora “Over Al Pesha, Ramak
H-shem washes us clean of shmutz, blood… For example, when your kids make the mess and you get down there and you help. Once they start,  I’m there on the floor cleaning it up with them! That’s what the Shechina is doing. That is tikkun Rachel! Over al Pesha… We are going to do it. We are cleaning up.  Tikkun Leah, is when its all cleaned up and we are bringing it up to H’.

People who get up and say Tikkun Rachel right before chatzot and then Leah after chatzot, feel the shift in the world, as the night turns toward day again. They feel the shift in Shechina. Then proceed to say Tikkun Leah / Tehillim.


That’s the progression of Selichos: What’s going on?  Part of night is focused on Din and Gevurah — the mess that needs to be cleaned up. We don’t want to ask for forgiveness if mess is still there! We are cleaning up the mess by saying Tikkun Rachel or singing songs. Come chatzot… the mess is cleaned up. Now is the time to ASK! An expanded version of tachanun with song which expresses our clarity about H-shems willingness to forgive us


 An example: Venting to clean the mess

ex: listening to a family member vent: Sometimes one needs to vent in order to get their thoughts clean (to clear the noise in our mind), “Once I get this out, then I will be calm! Only then will I be able to talk to the person calmly. But I can’t talk to him while the mess is there. I can’t say it in a way that they will able to hear it”

The first part of the night is a bad mess. At chatzot the avira / sense of where we are, shifts and becomes more hopeful. H’shem is in the Field.

-Shiviti chavrusa with Nechama Wells