Upside Down Understanding


The way we interpret life’s events has a tremendous impact on emotional wellness. Our emotional health is linked not to the circumstances that happen to us but rather to our perception of those experiences. As we travel on our emuna trail, we may understand intellectually that all that G-d does is for our very best. Yet, when we experience the inevitable bumps and bruises of life, we may find it difficult to emotionally accept these events as good.

We tend to view life upside-down, presuming pain and frustration and unfairness as hindrances to spiritual growth. Yet in truth, life in this world is quite the opposite; each experience tailor-made for our soul’s repair.

Feel & Heal Exercise of the Day:
Watch a toddler learning to walk. Notice how the toddler falls and gets up over and over again in order to become independent. Compare this to the natural ups and downs of your own personal growth. Consider how life is founded on constant movement. The main thing is to never give up but to keep trying with faith.

Orit Esther Riter
Daily Dose of Emunah

Personal Note:
This is a variation of “ratz vshav”
built into the briya.
The constant movement of the waves washing in an out.

Learn how to “go with the flow”
and not have expectations
for the waves to stop.

Embrace the surf.
Ride with the wave.
The storm will subside.