Meshorer HaTeshuva

HaRav Avraham Yitzchak HaKohen Kook zt”l

poet-singer of teshuvah, have you yet been born?
if your soul is still bound up with bonds of life in the upper worlds,
quickly descend and awaken your harp.

let all those whose hearts are downtrodden,
all whose spirits are blocked,
hear the call of your nevel,
and return and live."


Singer of teshuvah, Are you yet born?
If your soul is still bound in the bond of heaven,
The bond of life,
Descend to us soon. Play your harp -

Let the down-hearted hear,
Let the disillusioned listen
To the murmur of your strings -
And be revived

משורר התשובה הנולדת כבר?
ואם בשחקים עודנה צרורה שמה נשמתך בצרור החיים
מהרה רדה ועורר כנורך

ישמעו כל דכאי-לב, יאזינו כל ערלי-רוח,
להמית נבליך, ושבו וחיו

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