Elevating Our Stories

Rising in Our Keter - Elevating Our Stories by Catching Unrectified Light

Nechama Sarah Burgeman describes the very deep reality of our stories (or patterns or history) as the way we can achieve our tikun. This is an intensely appropriate time to do this inner work – these last few days, before the Yom HaDin,Instead of doing a cheshbon hanefesh and examining our thoughts of self refinement, we may choose to take the easier escape route to apathy – or resort to our natural thinking… the fiery, negative thoughts and behavioral patterns, chas vshalom.

She describes the different thought patterns that trigger within us as Chava Rishona energy – a place that doesn’t have a vessel to complete our wholesomeness (shleimut).According to the AriZ’l, Leah Imeinu was a tikkun of Chava Rishona. She is our role model of hitbonenut. in the most difficult situation (being married to the same man as her sister), she went straight to H’ in the stages of hishtalshalut and brought down the light - into her own world.

If we find this unrectified light, we can catch it! It maybe some trigger. When we default to our story the yetzer hara gets very strong!!!!

This paradigm of Chava Rishona is part of our makeup – a necessary tikkun for the geula process.In order to achieve shleimut, and not to get entangled in the miniot (blocks), we need to be clear about what’s going on inside of our selves. The more we are aware of our story, the more we can To remove the mechitza blocking the light.Its important to understand how she can play out in our lives, relating to our past stories – not resolved. It is very healing in this context, to click into the reality of this tikkun.

Unrectified Chava Rishona energy is when the imagination is out of control.

She ate. It was her impulse. We fell all these madregot. We were light bodies in Gan Eden but we are now in the process of returning, gathering the sparks – and rising higher.

Why would eating solve her problem?

Our stories are some thing we can digest. Our stories are the way we can digest and understand our tikkun. They are energy productive channels to achieve wholeness within our selves.

Every moment that we are joining in talking Torah, doing mitzvot, and acts of kindness, we are bringing Him back to the Garden! Yes, you CAN change the moment!!!!! Communication is key to being understanding and understood.

If you are in a feeling of unease, Go deeper. H-shem is making you to deeper!

When you feel UNCOMFORTABLE, say B”H. Shiviti H-shem Lnegdi Tamid. He is WAKING ME UP TO MY REAL TIKKUN – DEVELOPING MY CROWN.Elevate the story!

Shine your light!
Be a blessing!

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