Ego to White Light






We think we can break

our brokenness.

We are NOT self made

He designed us broken

To recognize Him

Our job is to recognize the clues and messages.

Gather the sparks

(Reb Arye Mordecai Gutman)

Photon particles

are the Tohu

fallen sparks

quantum light

from Gan Eden

carrying energy / zero mass

The message + the soul = 1⃣

We need to sniff them apart

And pray for it to come in a positive way

to reveal our strength.

Compared to an

baby / Shechina / soul

placenta / klippas/ messages

we have to identify with the baby.

But the message (placenta) is animated

Draw it back and return it

One persona > bigger persona (archtype)

Dark > bright

Colors > one unified white light

All the colors flow together

and multiply to create

A white light

Ego > Elokut

We are NOT the colors

We need to take an effort to

move the shechina (white light)

from its exile (colors)

To the revealed light

To move the shechina which is animating the colors…

When we shower rachamim,

Using our ratzon, emunah, speech

To build our neshama to draw out the sparks of light

The colors Are all the gifts

Presented to us

Coming from the surrounding light

We are creating our selves as the vessel

He creates us, the vessel

He creates all the colors

(situations), interactions, dramas

By design

We grow up thinking we are doing it

We are creating our self

He programs this as His reality

So we have the opportunity

to transform this colorful picture

When we shower rachamim on the shechina animating the colors

We say, “I only want the light force!

I take it and transform it into a Brocha, chessed, …”

And H-shem returns it as a white light

Unifying my soul

A piece of the Shechina

Collectively worn like a garment

A part of my soul has been extracted

For me to wear, no longer hidden

Ratzo vshav

Is like embroidering

Cross-stitching xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

The needle punctures the material

Up left

Down right

Up left

Down right

And repeat

Until a beautiful tablecloth is created

For a mizbeach / a Shabbos table

We are our Daas

Its not what He gives us.

Its what we DO with it.

Transforming back to light bodies

Nov 1, 2019 / 3 Cheshvan

Shuli Kleinman (adapted)

Screen Shot 2019-11-01 at 1.51.36 PM.png


💞LShem Shamayim. I asked Shuli - before I designed the logo - to explain to me in detail about her kavana for the new initiative.

The Logo design is inspired by her words. This touched me very deeply as I have been through years of Art training, and specifically color theory. For a few decades I have been fascinated with the concept of the relationship of white/ black / colors. I write a poem when I was about 20 years old about WHITE being the combination of all colors. Here Shuli explains the pnimius. This is gadlus...

From Teshuva from Love Whatsapp Chat:

Shuli Kleinman: Ego is not aproblem unless it is the goal of our action...we tell Hashem about it but that we want to Serve Him and the we do fully...that makes us a kli rishon for Hashem If we serve the ego we are edging Gd out, not having an ego or such feelings. Impossible to not have an animal soul but we can speak to Him and become a speaking being human to be one with Him

❤when we are compassionate to our self, others and Hashem, we are actualizing our divine being. We are overcoming our natural patterns by learning more deeply and impressing upon our self the Middos of HKBH (actively transferring our consciousness from lower to upper brain).

We are created to emulate our Creator with the attribute of Rachamim. His Keter is sourced in humility and patience. (Tomer Devorah). We are humbled in order to activate that connection to Him - especially when triggered/ targeted... in that moment.

We are tested again and again. The reward / victory is a blissful state of dveikus / connection. Our soul yearning / emptiness is filled. BeH.

May we support each other continually to ascend higher and higher.


Regarmenting our soul to be In congruence with ykvk (fire,water,wind and earth). Done by recognizing that we can get pulled back into the darkness and yet we make a choice to resist that pull and instead re work the 4 elements within us.

put it all into torah avodah chesed and mitzvahs thru intentional will and He redeems the sparks from our subjective interpretations and heals our hearts

Really understanding how the forces of earth wind water and fire are what we feel so compelling helps us to separate our subjective message from the Shechina in exile that is seeking expression in this world through torah, avoda, chesed and mitzvahs. With real free will and speech, we become medaber – a speaking being – rising above our animal nature and serving Hashem through our process of hisbodedus and use of free will to shower compassion upon the Shechina in exile so that Hashem responds and draws the fallen sparks to Him and into the world through our speech and deeds.

In order for a person to attain their own self-recognition of their own personal avodah, the Four Elements Series is based on practical advice on a wide variety of human maladies.

really understanding how the forces of earth wind water and fire are what we feel so compelling helps us to separate our subjective message from the Shechina in exile that is seeking expression in this world through torah, avoda, chesed and mitzvahs

Our iterpretations from animal survival but we can speak in orayer, medaber, and bring the koach i to the works as mitzvahs..nullify the animalistic self focus to become.medaber, human, meaning healed and one with Him, healed of the tohu influence.

Our natural interpretations are from animal survival - our limbic system that develops attachment to something other than Hashem (parents, the world) between zero and two years old, before we can comprehend Hashem. When we bring Hashem into the picture in every moment realizing that He alone fills solid, liquid, gas and radioactive elements that include every atom of us as well, and we "sniff" His Presence in the movement and passion we feel yet nullify our interpretation in order to recognize and relate to Him, we speak to Him in prayer, as a m'daber, and tell Him that it is our will to go above how this feels to our natural mind because we have emunah in Him and will to bring the koach into the world by giving it the garment He instructs us to give it -…