Meditation - Expanding Consciousness

#1 Bring your awareness to Your self

Feel all the sensations in your body.


#2 Bring your attention to the walls/space surrounding you

Broaden your presence in all directions

One direction at a time

Feel yourself expand outside your body

Outside your mind

Your being is filling the larger space


#3 Connect to H-shem

Connect to that higher G-dly place

Within your self


Go into Dveikus

Daven for Siyata D’Shmaya


Shift your body


#4 Hold these 2 perspectives simultaneously

feel the tension

embrace the feeling of being



When talking to ____

Connect to your Self

Feel the feelings

the sensations



Expand your self

to the edges of the room

From that place

Open your eyes


Connect to ____

bring your awareness back to him

(never connect 100%; connect like 80% while keeping the constant connection to H-shem)


#5 Go back & forth


you (Your Elokus)




sensing self

sensing him/her


Look in

awareness of self

Look out

awareness of him/her


while in conversation

connect out / connect in


never disconnect with your self

Your Elokus

Based on Meditation with Liba Markson