Shiviti- Lo Talech Rachil BAmecha / Azamra - 7 Habits of Highly Connective People

ויקרא י"ט:ט"ז-י"ח: לֹא־ֵתֵֵ֤לךְָ רִכי֙לְּ בַעֶּ֔מיךָ

Rashi comments that Rachil רִכי֙לְּ is similar to the word ragil: foot and meraglim / spies. The pasuk is referring to those who go about (on foot) to their friends homes, looking for bad - seeing bad things… hearing bad news. This is the opposite of “Azamra”: looking for the Nekuda Tova / the good characteristics in people. Rachil/Ragil is a play on the word, “espionage” (in Old French) as Rashi points out . This is a special type of gossip called “Tale Bearing”. It can be true but its intention is to fuel to the fire.

Note: Azamra is a famous teaching by Rabbi Nachman of Breslev about looking for the nekuda tova in people. By praising other people to yourself, and dwelling on this praise, the thought can have a positive effect on the person. Even if one is not saying it out loud directly to the person. We are all part of the symphony in which we enhance each other’s good qualities - and bring out each others light - with our thoughts - and words. (see Positivity Bias)

-Shiviti chavrusa with Nechama Wells

Halata means to gobble down. There are people who eat out on the stories that they have to tell other people. “Ochlim Kurtzim” they eat their winks (koretz: to wink). Winking gestures is rechilus.

There are people who bobble up Loshon Hara/ Rechilus and that type of gobbling is called “eating winks: People would invite gossip mongers to hear their gossip. Who is iating gossip the host or the guest?

They invite gossip mongers BECAUSE they bring gossip. “Lo tochel kurtzim” means Don’t eat the winks. ie Don’t be that person going from table to table gossiping.

Gur Aryeh explains but rather wants to say: Do not go measuring out bad stuff / peroniot ( punishment/retribution) its not YOUR business to measure out punishment. If you say Lashon Hara it will rebound and you’re going to catch it.

Toochal in Targum means Measure Medida according to Ramban, You eat in a measured fashion (in bites). As Rashi explains Somebody says a true statement. It is true but we have an issue because we don’t know the rest of the details. You typically FILL IN the background and if you work on your middot, you are DAN LKAF ZCHUS. Some peopel fill in with AD.

Fill in with other details that are not true. Thats likely to get the person in trouble. Making a whole story brings Peroniot (retribution / from the word Poora: to exact payment) the minite you fill in… this is the derech of people who find conflict between people. People who spread divisiveness among people. The gossiper measures the measurement. He explains the story till it completes and fosters quarrel.

Takes the bad light till its full then the quarrel by mins of him. Its not about going and eating in someones house, but someone who is going to fill in the gossip by measure.

I can tell what this whole train of transmission is! Dont think you didn’t tell Reuven that youre off the hook. It will get around to him because HKB”H KNOWS!. Not just you yourself shouldn’t speak rechilus, you shouldn’t START the train of transaction. Ani H-shem> I AM H’! Don’t get the ball rolling.


  1. Rashi: Rachil is gossip monger - selling rechilus

  2. Gur Aryeh: Foment dissention

  3. OrHachim “Kurtzim” / winks / info retold over in another place
    ”Words have feet”

Anyone involved in the transmission, ESPECIALLY the originator (too juicy to keep to myself, that person is guilty.

Lo Taamod al dam reicha: Don’t stand by the blood of your neighbor

Don’t whiten his place in public

You see somebody doing Something wrong, but you should NOT reprove him in public. That is shedding his blood!

Embarrass someone is causing a RED FACE. Rashi: WHITE FACE is the next level of embarrassment. From Blush to a deeper level: PALE / DISAPPEAR