Tanya on Charity

Miriam Yerushalmi: SPOTLIGHT ON TANYA

Be G-d-like
Be Redeemed!
Give Give Give!

“And he garbed himself with charity as with a coat of mail, and the helmet of salvation upon his head” (Yeshayahu 59:17).

Vol 4, chap3 pages 32-33 and 42

“Just as with chain mail, all the individual scales add up to form a large coat of mail, so it is with CHARITY: all the individual coins given to charity add up to a great amount.”

“Charity is greater than all the commandments that enable the soul to withstand the intense degree of Divine revelation to which it is exposed in Gan Eden instead of being nullified by it.” ( as well by it in this world)-all mitzvas but especially charity help the soul cope with the infinite degree of revelation.

As Gd continuously creates the world anew every moment the other forces want to get nurtured f…

Infinite Radiation

Vol 4, Chap 3, pages 43-46

When you give charity you cause Gd to turn toward you and draw down the highest of blessings including the highest most “lofty illumination” upon your “head”.

“As it is written, “May Gd make His Face (i.e. His inner being), shine upon you“ upon His people in this world.

Part of our reward of our act of charity is revealed now as a result of this but it is merely a “fruit“ the essence of the reward is revealed at the time to come.”

The prayer we say every morning reminds us

“זורע צדקות מצמיח ישועות״

You plant your seeds and your (charity) sprouts

The word ישועות refers to the infinite lights


Neharin- lights



3 represents 3 intellectual faculties of Chochma, Bina, Daas

53-54, 57, 62

“Don’t act like a Babylonian”

Babylonian refers to the mundane matters that bury your innermost point of your heart.

We come to this earth to circumcise our heart and the indulgence in the material actually does the opposite it buries our inner most point of our heart. Just like the real circumcision ( bris Milah) there are two stages removal of the thick and (move back) the thin membrane so too we (woman included) need to circumcise our heart-remove the course desires and the subtle ones from our heart in order to redeem the spirit of Hashem within us.

Yes we redeem our hearts through prayer (57)

From not indulging!

But there are so many layers to the depth of our heart- Charity also causes this removal of the Klippas …

Vol 4, chap 4, Page 65

“He has redeemed my soul in peace”.

Charity is called peace

“Peace is made between Israel and their Father in heaven”, (TOEFTA, Peah, Chap 1).

Simple truth is that you gain peace because your soul is redeemed when you give!

Remember Ashlag teaches us “Gd has only ONE desire, NOT TWO . The ONE desire is is a to give! To bestow goodness (Inner work, page 139).

Tanya teaches us that “Charity will stand by us forever - to set our souls in the true life of the Fountainhead of Life, so that we will be “Enlightened with the light of life“ (Iyov, 33;30) which Gd “will make His face radiate with us, Shelah.“ (Tehillim 67:2)

Amen may this be His Will!

Rochel Weiman