Ayn Od Milvado - #BecomingSomething


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We come with free will and we are connected to our natural intellect, but really we are in Tohu vVohu. When we realize that H’ is the something, we attached to him and we have the objective viewpoint that He is something and we are nothing. And we ask Him to uplift us from our anguish so we can cling to Him and thereby serve as a channel. Now the very part of our brain, the amygdala, is a neurological resource that can connected with our heart and our limbs, that H’ can utilize to flow light into this world. That’s how we become something

Understanding the Something that fills the Nothing within us

Are we something made from nothing?

It sure feels like that.
Here we are and we have power.
Emotions, muscles, words, expressions.
Are there any rules?
Let’s go get what we want.

Well, okay, let’s try to be nice about it, but really, in the end, we are focused, right?

Who is giving what we want to us?

And what if we try and try and nothing happens, no shidduch, no babies, no money, no health?

What is it that we are overlooking to have control?

Is it just finding a way to get what we want and to stay under the radar of aveiros?


Are our challenges designed to awaken us to a greater truth?

And why should I want a greater truth if it is not giving me comfort and everything that I want?

Torah teaches us that Hashem is One. Ayn Od Milvado. He is the Benefactor and that we are emanations of Him that He totally loves, but in the end, everything we are is just Him, uniquely formed to give consciousness free will.

And with that free will, what are we capable of doing?

We are capable of submitting all of the ways it appears to the wisdom of Hashem is One and thereby become an open channel across which the way H-shem manages the world may flow into the world through our speech and deeds.

He is the Something and we literally are mortal dust.

However, the soul that gains consciousness and free will while we are experiencing a lifetime is immortal and benefits in the recognition of H-shem in this world and forever.
All of tehillim 119 shares this concept . Thus, the backdrop to life is what we do in the moment to bring awareness of Hashem into the picture or not.

May our efforts to bring H-shem into the picture show H-shem that we submit our subjective interpretations, lusts, desires, cravings for honor, false belief that we determine our survival, and our fears from love for Him and from an intention to move forward into the world with Torah learning, prayer, chesed and mitzvahs and may we soon see a new light in the world as the Infinite light concealed in our false understanding that we are something from nothing becomes filled with the true light from the Source that is something that then fills the void within us, the nothing, illuminating and healing the tohu and vohu with revealed light.

NOTE: I would say that when we are able to see it from Hashem's viewpoint, that He is something and we are nothing, then that elevates us so that we can indeed be something - a part of Him in our unique way, to implement His will. I think the true false is too unclear. a good midda is one that can mesh with another. Our belief that we are something from nothing must open to His view, the true view, that He is One and the Only Power, The something and that we are created for His Purpose, so that we may bring Him into this world and thereby have a true unique eternal existence