Mikhael & Gavriel: Peace Through Kindness

Vol 4, Chap 12, pages 203-205
by Miriam Yerushalmi

The Holy One, Blessed Be He, makes peace between the Angel Michael and the angel Gabriel so that Chesed and Gevurah should not oppose one another.

This merger comes about through our kindness because of the revelation of an immense and intense light that is so transcendent and exceedingly, ad infinitum. This effusion of the Infinite Light that is aroused by our charity causes the opposing attributes (Chesed and Gevurah) to get absorbed in their source and root and they become truly nullified into Gd‘s light, which radiates them in a very manifest way.

 Once their individuality is nullified, they no longer oppose each other.

Unity Comes from Joint Nullification

 By way of an analogy; the intense enmity of two officials dissolves, in the presence of their sovereign, into friendship. It is because of the joint nullification before the king that this unity comes about. So, too, the defined bounds of the various attributes dissipate in the face of limitless revelation of the infinite light. Then the Gevurah Is tempered, mellowed and transformed by the intermediary of the atttribute-Rachamim (Mercy) into Chesed and then this higher form of Chesed is drawn down into this world!

What is this mean for us down here? Basically, the mediating attribute of mercy, which leans toward kindness, declares that while a particular recipient may not be strictly worthy of the kindness to be shown, they are at least worthy of being granted it out of compassion.

This attribute of Rachamim / Mercy is called beautiful and this is also the Divine name of Gd called YKVK

Why is this the case? Because this Infinite Light manifests in an immense illumination, surpassing that of all the other Divine attributes. 

One gets this peace down here in this world by the “act” of charity!

Our arousal from below by giving charity down here -thus, stimulates the “production” of the higher merciful level of kindness from above!

Be creative in your kindness!
There are Infinite ways to draw down infinity!