Or Makif & Or Pinimi

by Miriam Yerushalmi

Encompassing Light / Indwelling Light  

The Individuated Light vs. The Transcendent Light

 Who wants light?

 There is a light that is called a transcending light and encompassing light (Or Makif) and then there is a an indwelling light (Or Pinimi).

 These are two Divine influences that reflect the two ways in which our material world constitutes Gd‘s dwelling.

By way virtue of the immanent light (known as Memale Kol Almin) every existent entity may be perceived as a revelation of Gdliness.

By contrast, the light that is known as Sovev Kol Almin transcends the entire framework of finite existence and even though this is a transcendent type of light it too can become manifest in our world and in that way causes our world to be in contact with Gd’s infinity. 

There is a flow of Divine life-force that is drawn upon a person in a encompassing way as when one wears Tzizit- when wearing Tzizit one draws this Or Makif- light (which is so transcended and unworldly that it  cannot be vested within our souls but only from above encompassing, as it were).

When one is enwrapped in a Tallit one is engulfed on all sides by this downward flow of this Divine light.


 Memale Kol Almin /ןעלמי כל ממלא / immanent light / light that fills the worlds

Finite according to the vessel it permeates

Depicted as a line with a top, bottom and all the points in between

An immanent light that continuously sustains creation

An active creative force; the way G-dliness, Elokus becomes the tochen of every existence

Its “I” true self,  the identity of every reality; the Divine Particle https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KfdHQmh-8AI; The vitality within each an every creation; every nivre (creation) has its own toichen: own inside


encompassing light / Or Makif / TOHU

Sovev Kol Almin / עלמין  כל  וסובב / transcendent light  / light that surrounds the world
Not spacial; hidden; encircling creation; divine light transcending creation
Detatched passive role

KETER, igulim, gevura: insensity of light. The primordial realm of unlimited light whose vessels were to small and too few to contain it and therefore shattered during the planned catastrophe of Shevirat HaKelim (( (Habad Habad: The Hasidism of R. Shneur Zalman of Lyady)


Alma D'Itkassia Hidden Worlds “the world of concealment”); spiritual realm in which Divinity is concealed
Alma D'Itgalia Revealed Worlds"the world of ; spiritual realm in which Divinity revealed