Ashrei - Olam Haba Is In Your NOW!

by Rebbetzin Tamar Taback

אשרי יושבי ביתך עוד יהללוה סלה
Fortunate are those who dwell in Your home, forever will they praise You

We say this up to three times every day. Here’s an explanation of the Maharal that will blow your mind, if not your life! (By R’ Hadar Margolin)

If you look carefully at this verse, you will see it :

Fortunate are those, who while in this world, dwell in Your home. Who know how to make the quantum leap of entering the moment they find themselves in and bringing a consciousness to the mitzva / action at hand.

It is that reality they create here that will linger forever and ever, as we are creating our eternity right now.

The “world to come” is none other than the world that comes from our now.

May we dwell in His home, together, soon.

Rochel Weiman