Can a WhatsApp Chat Be a Holy Birthing Room?

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How a Whatsapp chat of vulnerable shares can be a holy birthing room

[from whatsapp chat Erev Shabbos 13 Elul 5779]

I’ve been thinking… I only had this aura of support when in the early stages of my life!!! - single, early marriage, raising children, elderly parents (sandwich generation)... but I was (seemingly) on my own- groping for answers alone (except in those days - Miriam Adahan’s books ie Emmett, Awareness & Living with Difficult people including Yourself).

A vessel to bring us in one room

Now BH!!!! ❤️with immense hakaras hatov to our teachers, we have a live, international real-time interactive support system. B”H!!!! In this technological pre-moshiach time... any time of the day - each one of us can reach out to our soul- support network for coaching and to remind us to bring in the light ... during these dark seething moments - when the Shechina in exile is crying out and calling us to be released. The fire within our guf is manifesting in ways beyond our nature/ lower Daas. Our collective work is unchaining the Shechina as we help each other. Lower waters meet upper waters. Each remaining spark is being released, as we come closer and closer, both individually and collectively to geula, B’ezrat H’.

This striving b’yachad - attaining a Daas Elyon, above our nature , nefesh behamis- IS attainable geula consciousness. Our individual struggles and “stories” are given to us to connect. become One within ourselves, each other, and ultimately HKB”H- in that order. This learning and this group has changed my life - has enabled me to make a quantum leap from chaos to calmness. From judgement to elevated subjectivity. From seething waters to the upper waters. From darkness to light. Raising my soul from the pit filled with nigglies, scorpions, snakes, false beliefs, gaiva, taiva, yetzer hara etc etc

“He raised me from the turbulent pit, from the quicksand. He set my feet on a rock, firmly establishing my steps.” When we feel ourselves sinking in the quicksand of despair, loneliness, lack and trapped in the pit, we have learned to RATZO VSHAV.

We run for refuge to the embracing arms of Avinu Shebashamayim, Our Father in in Shamayim, who loves us, and only wants our closeness.

Is it possible that Whatsapp can create an Ir Miklat (city of refuge) / fortification for us?

As was just posted so eloquently of our coach “You are the Shlicha for beautiful things. The refuah for the makkot that come. You've created fortification and a huge עיר מקלט for all of us!”

As we run and return with every breath, with every wave, with every surge but we no longer have to grope alone, in the dark... almost suffocating from the earthy heaviness that threatens our very existence. Our life force / nefesh Elokis that has been hidden for so long is finally being claimed and finding a home in within our inner mishkan. BH. הודו ה׳ כי טוב.

Each woman is a doula for other women

A doula is defined as a woman trained in childbirth who provides advice, information, emotional support, physical comfort, and educational support to a mother who is expecting, is experiencing labor, or has recently given birth.

When I was in doula training school, many years ago, I recall one particular teaching which cultivated the foundation of the whole profession. The very wise and experienced teacher said that JUST BEING THERE / even if you are just sitting quietly in the corner of the room!!! Doing nothing but just BEING THERE... studies have shown that it eases the birth and results in shorter labor times. Meaning that simply another woman’s presence in the room - birthing mom being aware of her presence creates a bond - knowing that she is “totally here for ME - IN MY VULNERABILITY!!!” The metzia that another WOMAN is supporting / comforting / praying for ME - relieves my existential loneliness in the moment. Her healing energy focused on ME is palpable- here in the room.

Even MORE so when she is in active coaching mode and all the intense activity that requires. The Shechina is right there in the birthing room and then, at the moment of birth/ creation the Shechina presence is mamash the reality. I know a doulas who dress in shabbos clothes during their work because the Shechina’s presence is so strongly there.

This chat is a birthing room so to speak ... May H’ give us a bracha to continue to mechazek our selves and each other to birth and nurture the new paradigm shift - from Tohu to Shleimus.

-Rochel Weiman