Worry to Calmness Shift

Secret to Miraculous Salvations Day 23

Besides for seeing yeshuos ... our character will become transformed, as we will attain a positive and calm nature. How does this happen? Through the positive images and phrases (e.g. "be calm, don't worry; everything will be overturned for good, the yeshua is already in the process..."), the subconscious mind receives the message of hope and tranquility. This message is sent to the neurological arteries and nerves in the brain and it becomes part of our nature.

Through this, we cultivate an inner reflex to react with bitachon in every situation. This brings us clarity of the mind which generates Heavenly wisdom. And then the mind will come up with incredible ideas and solutions that will enhance the quality of our lives.

Moreover, we will begin to feel true peace of mind. How does this happen? Through ingraining in our heart and mind positive images and not allowing a thought of worry or depression to enter, we acquire tranquility. Our emotions will be elevated to profound positive feelings. And even if we will experience a low mood, we will be able to spontaneously shift from worry to calmness.

Indeed, besides for the yeshuos that we will merit, we will provide nachas Ruach for Hashem (since we are kavyachol unbinding His chains)... we will also acquire the priceless gift of peace of mind (menuchas hanefesh) through training our subconscious mind to think only positive thoughts. Indeed, through the positive images we put into our minds, we push away depression, despair, and laziness (because the subconscious mind will get the message that the situation is improving). And then this positive way of thinking will become part of our nature, as we know “ הרגיל נעשה טבעי״. This will provide us with much joy that will overflow onto all those around us.

Yes, bitachon affects the Higher worlds, but it also affects our lives by infusing joy and peace of mind into our lives and the lives of those close to us.

Idea for Practice: Every time I perform these exercises, I feel that my subconscious mind is becoming more positive and bitachon is becoming a part of my nature.

Rochel Weiman