Parshat HaShvua – Yakov Weiman

Failed Mission

What does the sending of the spies into the land of Canaan , by Moshe, have to do with the distraction of Beit HaMikdash, loss of the Eretz Yisrael and the exile in to golus?

Why when the people decided to conquer the land on their own, they were told by Moshe not to do it and
are not successful at trying to accomplish their goal?

why does Rashi call the spies wicked/ rashoim but later tells us that they were righteous- zadikim at the start of their mission?

Rashi adds that they should have learned from what happened to Miriam because of Lashon Hara, she spoke about Moshe, but he does not refer to her as being not righteous... why?

In the Parasha Shalach lecha we find that after spies brought the false report to the Bnei Yisrael about the promised land people began to cry... saying- why h is bringing us to this land to die by the sword?

Let's analyze this statement of the people closely...
In the first part of it we have a question, Why is h bringing us into the Land of Yisrael?
In the second part of it we find what seems to be an answer ... must be, that he H-shem wants
us to die by the sword Chas VShalom...?

This episode indicates outright confusion in the minds and emotions of the people... could it be that they completely misunderstand the hashivus- importance of Eretz Yisrael?

Did they forget the promise that H-shem made to patriarchs, are they not aware of the bris bein habetarim in which H-shem promised the land to Avraham in merit of the karbanot...

Don't they know that devein plan of the creator is calling for the building of the Beit hamkdash on Har hamoria ...
What on earth could be going on in the mind of the people?

At the risk of oversimplification let's suggest the answer to this question...
First of all, let us keep in mind that the generation witch left Mitzrayim experienced first hand all the miracles and wonders performed by Mosher the ‘Messenger of G-d '...
They must be acutely aware of how undeserving, insufficient and powerless they are... also we are told that people heard about prophesy of Eldad and Meydad: Moshe dies and Yehoshua will lead the people into the land...'

Standing there at the borders of the land of Canaan, poised to go into it , their thoughts get overwhelmed with one question, How are we going to concur that land - fight and defeat ten mighty kings, capture fortified cities...? Alone by ourselves without Moshe? They panic, and the only answer they can think of is -
it is impossible...!?

The people come up with the idea let's stay in the desert where we will study tora under the guidance of moshe our teacher, protected by the clouds of glory, were we are miracleosly sustained by man and the baer- well of Miriam...
but what about the leadership? how
will they like the idea you might ask?..
princess - spies are afraid to lose their position of authority, they are also afraid that ones in the land, people will get involved with cultivation of the land and abandon tora studies and keeping of the mitzvot, therefore they comply with the demands of the people. all of them, with exemption of
yehoshua and calev, join conspiracy...i
crowd gathers around moshe and aharon, they're crying and demanding not to be taken into the promised land, instead they will go back to Egypt...!? situation becomes critical and starting to get out of hands... it is clearly self evident:-
this whole generation is not ready
to fulfill Devin plan for chosen people in the holy land...! retribution comes fast, conspirators are punished by plague and die. the rest of the people between the ages of 20 and 60 are condemned to wonder in the desert
for 40 years, without ever seeing the good land...!
maybe i can now suggest the answer to the first question.:
it is the lack of faith in and appreciation for the h's plan for the land and bet hamikdash that leads to lose of both of them...
that's why when people are trying to conquer the land on their own they are told not to do it, since they are not motivated by sincere desire for the land and lacking appreciation for the Devine will ...!?
finally, the spies are called wicked rashoim because they deliberately falsified information regarding eretz yisroel , not only causing the whole generation to wonder in the desert for 40 years...! but more than that,
they were responsible for frustration of the devine plan of creation, i.e.
tikun haolam thru building of the bet
hamikdash in eretz yisrael on har habaith...! may it be speedily rebuilt in our days...!

In parasha matot we find that ,when Moshe rabeinu gives to the tribes of ruven and gad land on the east bank of the Jordan river , he also makes half the tribe of menashe to go with them ...! Why ?
Natziv of volozin comments,that tribes ruven and gad were not very strong in
the tora learning, but the tribe of menasha had many tora scholars.
moshe send them together in order to insure proper tora observance in that part of the land...
That answer also needs explanation ! ?

First let us notice the fact,that Yakov’s first born son from Leah - Ruven , originally was supposed to receive three highest positions among the children of Yisrael . Bechora (the right of first born ) ,kehuna and malchut (kingship) . But he lost all of them !maybe , we can suggest that , understandably , the tribe of ruven felt unappreciated and even rejected to some degree . Therefore , they were seeking to settle in the furthest parts of the land away from the main seats of power and authority...?
On the other hand , it was Yosef, Yakov’s first borne from Rochel , who inherited the bechora , after prolonged confrontation with his brothers! In turn, it was Yosef’s firstborn, Menasha, who did not complain ,when he was overstepped
by his younger brother Efraim, in getting Yakov’s berocha ! Therefore
demonstrating the mida of maavir al midotav !
Sages teach ,that tora scholars must possess proper midot and be able to have good relations bein Adam le havero in order to achieve desired results in their studies... !
The highest mida bein adam lehavero is maavir al midotav . This mida creates shalom between Jewish people ,causing kidush hashem in the world...!
Now we can understand why , Moshe rabeinu , specifically chose the tora sages of tribe of Menasha to accompany tribes of Ruven and Gad , thereby insuring peace and unity between children of Yisrael !
Talmidai chachomim marbim shalom be olam !