Maayan: “When your wellsprings will spread forth to the outside.”



“When your wellsprings will spread forth to the outside.”

ויפוצה מעיינך בחוצה

 The Three Weeks: Employing Positive Defense Mechanisms to Bring the Mashiach
by Rabbi Yizchak Ginsburgh

 15:03 Because of our sins, we have been exiled from our land. The reason that the 2nd Bais Hakikdash was destroyed was because of sinas chinam and hatred between people for no reason. So therefore the tikun / rectification of sinas chinam is the very opposite. The tshuva to bring Moshiach is AHAVAS CHINAM ­­– UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. Just like the sin was unconditional hatred, the tikun is unconditional love.  

That is one very basic thing to bring about redemption. We should state between ourselves that “the love between ourselves is unconditional.”

There are other things that are said about the way to bring about Redemption. Pointing to some practical things we have to do, the Zohar says, the way we bring about Redemption is with Chesed and Rachamim, kindness and compassion. is through disseminating the teachings of the Zohar itself. About Rashbi, Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai zt’l, it says “with your composition the whole world will go out of the exile / galus with mercy and compassion.”

That took a deeper meaning and dimension when the Besh’t, the Baal Shem Tov, zt’l, 1500 years later, asked Moshiach, “When are you coming?” Moshiach answered, ויפוצה מעיינך בחוצה  “When your wellsprings will spread forth to the possible extreme.” 

So that’s a condition! For Rashbi, if you want the Redemption to be here in the way of kindness and mercy, they you have to disseminate the teachings and wisdom of the Zohar.  The Besh’t is even clearer. THE way to Moshiach is coming when – and ONLY when – your teachings of the Torah – the inner soul of the Torah – will be spread to the outside world – to everyone.

 Note: The Baal Shem Tov, in a famous letter to his brother-in-law, tells of the time he experienced an elevation of the soul to the celestial spheres. When he came to the abode of Moshiach he asked, “When will the Master come?” Moshiach answered: “When your wellsprings will spread forth to the outside.”

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