Kindnesss will encompass him

From: "Daily Dose of Emuna"

It is written in Tehillim (32:10) in the most clearest of terms, “...haboteach b’Hashem chesed yesoveveno (…but as for him who trusts in Hashem, kindness will encompass him). Trust in G-D is so potent that it practically guarantees results.

This doesn’t mean to simply hope that G-D will help and maybe mix that hope with a bit of doubt as to whether it will in fact come to fruition. It implies a trust that does not bring to mind any questions; an unwavering knowledge that Hashem will send the remedy to whatever challenge we are facing.

This is a difficult notion to intellectually grasp let alone implement in our daily lives. Nevertheless, we should not lose emuna in ourselves that we can attain this lofty level since if it is commanded of us, thus we can strive to reach this level of trust.

Feel and heal exercise:

Think to yourself "G-D is sending me a solution to ... (name an issue). I may not know how, when or where, but I trust that it is on its way B'H"


OritRochel WeimanComment