Yeud and Tikkun

Yeud and Tikkun

We are working on vitality and transcendence.

Yiud is the foundation of living life with vitality. If a person plugs into their yiud it can be liberating. The more you understand your yiud, the more you will have clarity about your direction. Living our personal yiud is the greatest source of pleasure in the world.

The Slonimer Rebbe said, “It is a lantern on a dark night”.

Our soul has a specific light to bring into the world. It is only ours. No one ever did or does or will bring our special light into the world.

In heaven we will be asked if we lived our yiud. This is more important than how many mitzvot we did.

There is an allegoric sefer torah…Our goal is to write our letter in the primal sefer torah of life.

In Judaism, the whole Jewish people have a global yiud. (Kiddush HaShem, devekus, making our kids great, etc). They are gender specific as well.

We are obligated to do our GLOBAL YIUD.

Within the global yiud is our PERSONAL YIUD.

UNIVERSAL SPIRITUAL EXPERIENCE- a moment of elevation that happens to all of us…ie. Nature, ;music, seeing innocence in children,

A moment of personal yiud is when we feel our life’s purpose.

HOW do we find our personal yiud??

We have an internal yiud Geiger counter. We need to try to understand a access these personal yiud moments

Think about if you had a million dollars how would you use it?

Your personal yiud can be in any domain or any situation. It can be between man and private or public, etc…It can be a particular mitzvah, in learning, etc.

FAQ-frequently asked questions about the concept of yiud.

Can a yiud only be found in the area of interpersonal relations?

NO. Yeud can be in any domain. Even internal.

Q. What happens if I just don’t know what my yiud is? I’m blocked.

A Don’t worry. Work with your chavusa…If you still can’t figure it out…guess! It will self-correct itself. By trying it out in the world you will feel if it is right or not. You can’t be wrong.

Please note that everything we do in this chabura is supposed to be fun, loving and non-pressured. If you feel pressure…forget it!!!

Can you have more than one yiud?

A. Yes. You can have one or two..max three. As you grow they usually join up later.

Q. Personal yiud and family life…Are they always related?

A. Not always. Some people have an internal yiud..It’s ok.

Q. R. Nivin, what is YOUR yiud? How does it play out in your life?

A. I have 3 yiuds.

1. To make powerful people, powerful.

I work with all kinds of people including leaders of many organizations.

2. To find the answer to the personal development for our generation and to bring it to the world in a way that is pleasurable for me.

…I do lots of research on personal development. I want to bring it to the world and help people.

3. I want to restore the Nivinsky name.

I come from Holocaust survivors…Out of 300 family members only 3 survived the Holocaust.

Q: What do I do now that I have my yiud?

Nothing Write it down for now. We will deal with more it in a later class.

What do I do if I think my yiud is a “universal spiritual experience”?

Some people are “Naturalists” They can overlap. Is it generic or does it “speak” to you saying, “This is what life is all about. This is how I want to make a difference in the world.”

What if I can’t live my yiud now? I live my Global yiud now 100% of the time.

You may need to hold off for now. But try to interact with it a little every week.

Can my yiud change?

Most of the time it doesn’t.

I have many yiud experiences…Now what?

Look for patterns. Which one hits the spot? ‘See which one tells you, “This is my life’s purpose “

Is there a connection between knowing your yiud and being good at it??

A. Most people get proficient in their yiud because they practice it and become better at it…Right now we are working on figuring out WHAT our yiud is not HOW to live it..

Yiud Statement…

Create one for yourself…

My Yiud is _______

Make it a one line phrase. Keep it simple and easy to remember.

Tikkun- means…What do I need to fix up?

What are the one or two things that are major character flaws for me that I need to work on that keep on coming back to me again and again and again…that if I would fix it/them it would radically help me achieve my yiud or help me in my next step of Avodas HaShem?

It is easier to define our tikkun than our yiud because it is more “in our face”…

Think about what are my one or two central character flaws?

Again, please remember that everything in this chabura is derech ahavah. Don’t beat yourself up. Be Gentle. If it is making you feel bad…don’t do it.

Q. How does it help me get vitality by having a yiud and tikkun statements?

A. If you are not fighting your tikkun, it can swallow you. It can give us vitality if we know what our battle lines are.

Q. Are life circumstance and Tikkun related?

A. Many people have different challenges..they are single, unemployed, etc…Your Tikkun is present in all zones…If anger is your will “show up” whether you are single or married.

Q. How do I find my tikkun?

A. Think about what is the main one or two character flaws I have that keep/s showing up in my life…that if I worked on it/them it would help me reach my yiud or increase my avodas Hashem.

Foundational principle regarding tikkun. Most people are balanced…60% yiud/40% tikkun. 70/30 etc.

Some people are “tikkun” people…This is when there is a tikkun that overwhelms them. Whether it be drugs/food addictions or a deep character flaw like anger management…They can be 90% tikkun/10% yiud.. Their tikkun is overwhelming their yiud. Their tikkun IS their yiud. Their job is to work on their tikkun for now. For some people it is short term..Others live their whole lives like this..Sometimes Tikkun people look at others lives and are jealous.

The Slonimer Rebbe said that paradoxically this is how Hashem made it. If someone is 90% tikkun, he has the potential to get to a higher level. Thru the nisayonot (challenges), there is a higher potential to get to a higher quality of light. You have a tremendous opportunity to get close to Hashem To the extent of darkness…you have the ability to bring light into the world.

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