Teshuva: Hachna’ah (surrendering oneself)


There is a mandatory step that one must take before beginning the teshuva process; hachna’ah (surrendering oneself). The Chovot Halevavot expounds - one must feel that in and of oneself he is nothing without G-d. All of man’s successes, strength and talents are solely bestowed to him as a Divine gift. Furthermore, each person merits protection from harm only due to G-d's endless compassion; not as a result of his actions.

Taking this one step further, we should place our entire life into G-d’s hands and rely only on His kindness and not take pride at any time or place. To put it simply; be humble before G-d, know that everything is a gift, nothing belongs to you.

Feel & Heal exercise:

Today contemplate - How can we attempt to enter into the gates of teshuva while feeling that we are powerful and deserving?

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Orit Esther Riter


Rochel Weiman