Netzavim- Teshuva - Netivot Shalom


Netivot Shalom Nitzavim

The purpose of teshuva is not just feeling regret and wanting to change, but also it is necessary to RETURN and become attached (Deveikus) to H’ El-kecha.

30 1&2; ל׳

When all these things befall you—the blessing and the curse that I have set before you—and you take them to heart amidst the various nations to which the LORD your God has banished you,

and you return to the LORD your God, and you and your children heed His command with all your heart and soul, just as I enjoin upon you this day,

The parsha says: you will return it upon your heart in the midst of all the nations where H’ scattered you. Vshavta ad H’ Elokecha vshamata bkoli: And you shall return TILL H’ Elokecha, and you will listen to his voice.


ש–ב Shin bais

Shuv return

Shev rest

Hashav think


In order to return you have to think; And in order think you have to rest (your mind); Yishuv haDaas.

You need tranquility of mind to realize whats happening to you and that’s how you return to H’ and do teshuva. If you׳re constantly running away from your thoughts, you cant think without rest. That’s what shabbos is for resting, thinking, understanding.

So it says that you will return it to your heart, then you will return to H׳  Elokecha, then you will listen to his voice, and then H’ will return you to him.

Finally, even though you will be scattered to the end of the earth, H’ will take you back, gather you back to your Land.

Orach Chayim Hakadosh is asking a question. He already said, You will return it upon your heart, so why does it repeat “And you will return to H’ your G-d?

Also, we have to explain why it says return AD, TILL H’ Elokecha?

How can flesh and blood arrive TO G-d?

What does it mean you will listen to His voice?

We already said you will already return to G-d, of course we will listen to his voice.

1. You will get it to your heart 2. Return to G-d 3. Why does it say you’ll  listen to His voice?

According to Rambam Perek 7 Halachot teshuva

It is defined what is Chet and what is tshuva. As it says, Teshuva is Great because it bring a person close to the Shechina. As it says in the Navi, Shuvu Israel ad H’ Elokecha. Return Israel to H’ Elokecha.

Rambam says that even if a person yesterday was dispised and hated by H’ and today he is beloved and welcomed and close. Teshuva is a transformation from being far to being close and welcomed by the Shechina. As it says, “Those who cling to H’ your G-d. “

Rambam is mechadesh in his words, what is chet, when a person is far and separated from H’. chet is the condition of being removed and separate. The essence of teshuva, a person is getting to Hashem Yitborach in deveikus. After a person was far and separate from H. the teshuva is he returns and is connected to H’.

 So this pesikum we can now understand. What does it mean to return to your heart?. It means the beginning of the teshuva, is harata, the feeling of regret because of the past deeds and you also start thinking about wanting to change for the future. These are the thoughts of your heart.

But still this is not enough of a madrega for teshuva. Because the real teshuva is getting attached (Devuk bHashem’) to H’ and that’s why it says, Vshavta ad H’ Elo-kecha.

And you will return till H’ Elo-kecha. Meaning  now you return to being attached to H’- Dveikus. Because the purpose of teshuva is not just feeling regret and wanting to change, but also it is necessary to RETURN and become attached to H’ Elokecha.