Rise of the Feminine Inter-included within Men

By Rebbetzin Tamar Taback (from Whatsapp)

Feeling dissapointed if your husband isn't as spiritual as you.
… Remember that the rise of the feminine doesn't just mean the rise of women per se but the rise of the feminine inter-included within men too. It is part of the redemption process as we approach a different era of consciousness.

“I can’t pinpoint exactly what has changed or shifted within me and my relationship with my husband but there’s definitely something big and important and beautiful going on.”

Im just throwing some points out:

I feel that my marriage isn’t isolated between me and my husband, I know its part of a huge G-D given plan in the world at Large. It takes the edge off the pressure of needing things to be perfect every moment. It makes conflict less personal bcs its part of a bigger picture not just the here and now of my marriage at this moment. Not sure im articulating it clearly, although it feels liberating for me.

The fact that im more spiritual than my husband doesn’t feel like his fault anymore, it feels like it’s bringing the geula closer as thats how it’s supposed to be as we get closer to redemption.

Being more spiritual than my husband isn’t so isolating and doesn’t make me feel so alone bcs its how WOMAN should be now in this part of our journey since creation. It feels right and centered to be feeling the part of Hashems plan i should be playing.

The pressure of making my husband and family more spiritual is taken down a notch. I can use my soft feminine qualities to inspire them instead of being the light thats too large for the vessel.

Im gentler in my relationship as I don’t want to crack the vessel with too much light too fast.

I understand WHY Hashem made me so nurturing and gentle and as the same time feel a burning desire for spirituality. Its not a contradiction. My job is to bring light gently to my family. Not as in the past, overriding my feminine softness and force spirituality with a fierceness.

Im also gentler in my relationships with other women than in the past. Im more forgiving when i see them not connected to spirituality. I know there are many paths to light and some cant be seen.


This is exactly the design. He was created essentially alone, we were created as relational beings. By just being ourselves we ARE teaching them about relationship - and without us, they are so incomplete. Remember - הוא ימשל בך - he will weave allergories out of us. We are bringing man and ourselves and the whole world into the era of Moshiach which is all about דעת - and da'as is connection. Feminine consciousness and circular world will prevail. We are holding this awesome awesome space. We need to manage our more superficial feelings so that we can keep our "crown" on and have context. But you will get there. He DOES want relationship too. Just you are the teacher :) and kind and loving teacher.